Footballer Connor Wickham Plays Footgolf at Tonbridge Footgolf/Golf Centre

Tonbridge Footgolf

Football and golf are the two most popular sports in the world, but did you know that football star Connor Wickham has made a splash on the golf course in Tonbridge? It turns out that footballer Connor played footgolf in the summer of 2014, and James Jones, the sole proprietor of the club, has made it his mission to introduce the game to the public. In fact, he recently played footgolf in the summer of 2014, and it was so much fun, he was spotted playing a game of it in London!

Connor Wickham played footgolf in summer 2014


Connor Wickham is an English footballer who is currently playing for EFL League One side Milton Keynes Dons. Born in Reading, Wickham began his career as a youth player, before moving to Ipswich Town. He continued in the club’s youth structure, eventually making his full professional debut in April 2009. During the 2008-09 season, Wickham was on standby for England’s under-17 side, where he won the 2008 Victory Shield.

James Jones is the sole proprietor of Tonbridge Footgolf


James Jones is the sole proprietor of Tonbridge Golf Centre and has been a professional golfer for many years. He was a partner in the business for more than two decades, and has since bought out his partner and taken the reins full-time. James has worked hard to build up his business and has made good use of the recent surge in golfing demand in the area. This is a testament to the quality of service offered at the golf centre.


The course also includes a helicopter model and a three-metre animatronic T-Rex. Initially, the owner had wanted the dinosaur to stand seven metres tall, but this proved impractical for his golf course. However, he applied for planning permission last year. The proprietor has already subverted the game of golf in other ways, and has offered a Footgolf course at the centre two years ago. It involves kicking footballs into oversized holes, with the aim of achieving a score in the process.

Tonbridge Footgolf is a combination of Football and Golf


When you visit Tonbridge, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the two best sports: golf and football. But what is Footgolf? The combination of the two sports is incredibly addictive. Footgolf is a similar sport to golf, except that the holes are bigger and players need to finish all sections before returning the scorecard with gross values. You’ll find that everyone can play, and the rules are easy to understand. The best part about Footgolf is that the course is conveniently located close to the town centre and train station.


The course is based at Tonbridge Golf Course, which is one mile from the railway station in the town. You can play either an 18-hole or 9-hole course, and each course has water features and other obstacles to make the course more challenging. Tonbridge Footgolf is open seven days a week. The cost is free, and you only pay on the day of play. Whether you play for fun or to compete with friends and family, you’ll have a great time.

Tonbridge Footgolf offers a great teaching academy


James Jones, the owner of Tonbridge Golf Centre, has been a professional golfer for many years. During the past two decades, he has been heavily involved with the centre’s ownership. About ten years ago, he bought out his partner and has been a sole proprietor ever since. James’ teaching methods and dedication to his students are what set the centre apart from other golf courses in the area.


American Golf has partnered with the Tonbridge Golf Centre for many years. Ten years ago, the store doubled in size. And, the retail operation continues to expand. The teaching academy at Tonbridge Golf Centre is led by Mark Janes, who has nine professional golf instructors who teach all levels of golfers, from beginners to tournament pros. The facility has eight teaching bays, which are void of InRange technology. Many pro instructors have their own teaching aids.



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