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To study college sports

To study college sports

It should be noted that the athletic activities in these labs are unexpected and inexpensive. However, the interest in the development of this new technology in Venezuela was underlined by the participation of the National Institute of Sport (1949) and by our playing field. After overcoming various efforts, the central government passed the Higher Education Act (1970), article 142: “To promote, promote and regulate the University’s sports, sports clubs become permanent rectors of each university according to established procedures.

In accordance with the provisions of this law

The university started building trust in the organization of university sports. Then, the university’s sports leaders formed the Venezuelan University 해외축구중계 Association (FEVEDU) in 1970, which is responsible for coordinating the university’s activities. Subsequently, the organization expanded its members to what is now the Venezuelan Sports Association for Higher Education (FEVEDES). It is affiliated with the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, the National Sports Institute, the International Federation of University Sports (FISU) and the Central American and Caribbean University Sports Organization (ODUCC).

These organizations allow you to do your best

In addition to attending various school sports at this research facility, successfully introducing students to the potential of Venezuela’s playing skills nationally and internationally and strengthening the national team as an important component of this organization. It is important that these institutes have top-notch sports coaches so that they can be successful in college sports and across the country.

On the other hand, he decided to read

JUVINES with reference to the administrative structure of the main sports educational institutions of Venezuela as the main governing body of sport in 2002-2006. It is important to note that although the number of these games has been progressive in terms of quality, entertainment and organization, there is no evidence that it has been promoted by federations and sports authorities.

Game officials are urging investigators

Students, governments, public and private institutions, universities and clubs are looking for the best and most effective way to successfully carry out sporting activities, as these are dependent, economic and material companies, which invest in the interest of the state. People interact with it. For this reason it is important to get the field out of game management with knowledge, commitment and professionalism.


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