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Tips To Make Your Engagement Ceremony Memorable In London

Tips To Make Your Engagement Ceremony Memorable In London

One of the most important moments of our life is the time when we get engaged in our significant other. It is a special occasion at which two people decide to get married and spend the rest of their life with each other.  It marks the beginning of a beautiful courtship period of two people who are in love and are committed to each other. Since this is such a momentous occasion, it is but natural for anyone to want it to be perfect and memorable not just for the couple getting committed, but also for their near and dear ones. Here’s how you can make your engagement ceremony more memorable.

Choose a comfortable venue

When you are thinking of a place to pop the question, choose a place where you and your significant other will be comfortable and at ease. If you are planning to involve family and friends then you can choose to celebrate on a cruise boat or you could host an afternoon get-together at a vineyard. If you are more of a private person, you can throw a memorable engagement party at home or in your backyard or roof by decorating it beautifully.

Get a beautiful ring

The ring that you propose your partner with is going to be the highlight of your engagement ceremony. It is a piece of jewelry that everyone at the occasion will see and marvel at. When you go shopping for engagement rings in London, make sure to choose a ring that suits your partners’ choice and one which your partner will proudly show off to her friends. Something that is timeless like a diamond solitaire or something which is quirky like-colored diamond will surely grab everyone’s attention.

Décor and other additions

The venue and décor of the place where you plan to propose sets the mood and the atmosphere for the entire event. Soft yellow lights or flower decorations like flower chandeliers give a beautiful and romantic touch to the overall ambiance. You could also opt for something simple like heart-shaped balloons if you’re on a budget. If you’re more of a party person and want to make a grand celebration of your engagement then you can additions to the gathering such as fireworks, DJ, dance floor or a bar.

Organize interactive games

One of the ways to make your guests feel involved in your engagement party is to organize activities in case you feel that conversations are not enough to engage the crowd. The games and activities that you choose need not be very complicated. A simple activity like karaoke is easy and gets everyone involved. You could also play fun family-friendly games or bar style trivia games to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

Make it meaningful for your partner

Amidst all the party preparations and anxiety about the moment, do not forget that the engagement is about the couple who have promised to love each other. This moment where you get engaged to your significant other is a defining moment for both you and your partner. Therefore, make sure to prioritize the tastes and feelings of your partner over anything else when you plan your engagement. Give them a unique piece from the collection of engagement rings Hatton Garden. Remember to make them feel special and wanted while also making the entire event memorable.


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