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Time to Overcome your Fear of Adopting New Technology in Your Organization

Time to Overcome your Fear of Adopting New Technology in Your Organization

Fearing is very much human. Especially if you are a start-up or a small to mid-sized company, facing fears is not so easy. I’m here talking about the fear of adopting new technology in an organization, the fear of implementing an intelligent enterprise resource planning software, the fear of transforming into digitally advanced business and restricting the mundane manual tasks. 

Of course, the organization and workflow have to undergo some changes while implementing ERP. And that’s the pain point for many SMEs. 

But, then relying completely on manual work involves errors and lacks accuracy in reports. This certainly affects decision making and hinders the growth of an organization. Not just this, you may also miss out on recent updates related to compliance and industry standards.

This is definitely a matter of concern and needs to be solved. 

Let’s understand what causes the fear first…

  • It could be the fear of losing valuable data while implementing ERP at the organization. Data is everything for a business and any step gone wrong could land the company in big trouble. No wonder, this is the reason why many leaders are afraid of automating their business processes
  • Or, it could be a monetary related factor. It’s a big investment for sure and for startups or SMEs, taking out such a big amount is not easy
  • Also, one of the reasons could be the fear of using the software. People/employees might have got used to working on their own and unsure about using a software.

But, living with fears is not ideal. The world is getting digitalized and to keep up with the cutting-edge competition, the fear has to be overcome. You gotta face the insecurities for company growth and achieve the best possible ROI.

Let’s take a look at how this fear can be overcome to make a step towards digitalization:

  • Talk to your trusted alliances that have been using ERP in their organization.
  • You don’t have to transfer all the data at one go. You can complete the process in parts without affecting the production and performance.
  • Conduct research on best possible, cost-effective and powerful ERP that suits your business requirements
  • Once you settle on the ERP Software, start your search on the vendor. Don’t just go by words; ask for the demo and training sessions. Discuss with them your unique business challenges and analyze if they have the right expertise and experience to understand the same thoroughly and customize the solutions accordingly.
  • On settling upon the vendor, discuss all the queries related to deployment, implementation, integration, and scalability

That’s it! Go ahead and get the ERP today. For the best-in-class software – you can always refer to SAP Business One Mumbai. SAP Business One is robust software known for streamlining business operations to greater efficiency and control. With integrated processes, you are empowered to make smarter and more informed decisions. It’s never too late to start with the first step. Let’s get going!


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