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This Week’s Top 5 Animated Card Online Wedding Invitations

This Week’s Top 5 Animated Card Online Wedding Invitations

Animated Cards as wedding invites have caught the imagination of a large section of the millennial population. Many couples are increasingly opting for it as they are cool, trendy, and cost-effective. They are eco-friendly and offer a viable alternative to printed or other forms of digital wedding invites. They can be customized as per the tastes and preferences of the people involved making them a popular choice among many new age couples. Leading platforms like Wedding Wishlist reputed for their wedding gift registry services also have a fine collection of animated cards that are highly sought after in the Indian wedding scene.

Here are 5 of their top-billed animated wedding invitations that have seen the most demand this past week.

Splash of Life

It is the best selling animated card of Wedding Wishlist that is available in three different colors – Gold, Teal and Pink. Couples generally have a great fondness for this design as the random burst of the theme colour from the centre of the wedding invite easily grabs attention on first viewing. The engagement factor for this digital invite is generally high among guests and makes this a go-to option for many couples’.

The Poised Peacock – GIF

Two peacock motifs making a grand entry and adorning the top of the animated card makes for compelling viewing. The poised peacock wedding invite is a favorite among couples as it’s hugely appealing for the young and the old alike. This digital invite is a great blend of the traditional and modern aesthetic senses that transcends the boundaries of time, thus adding a lot of charm to the wedding.

Bed of Roses

Forever a symbol of the love and bonding that will be shared by the couple, a wedding invite with roses as the focal theme is a great way to convey warmth, delight, and affection towards your intended guest list. The graphical imagery with roses to beautify the corners adds a lot of elegance to the digital invite making it one of Wedding Wishlist’s prized offerings.

Perfect Geometry – GIF

Bordered with geometric figures of different shapes and sizes, this animated wedding invitation from Wedding Wishlist is a dream come true moment for any couple. The invite is something out of the ordinary that couples’ would love to experiment with considering the glint and the spectacle that it promises for all viewers.

Floral Coupling – GIF

Flowers have always had a special place in Indian celebrations and weddings are not an exception to this. Liberal use of flowers as wedding décor has become more like a norm since it signifies happiness and helps in creating a festive mood for the wedding occasion. With such wonderful qualities to boast of, it will only be a surprise if this animated card with floral designs is not chosen by most couples as their wedding invitation.

All of the above 5 animated wedding invitations are unique in their own way and as such cater to the demands of their loyal fan base.


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