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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Plywood for Washrooms

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Plywood for Washrooms

Plywood can be used for various purposes. From furniture to the floor, plywood are the best. They are rigid and durable. Also, they have great aesthetic value. Multiple benefits make plywood suitable for various uses.

However, when it comes to selecting plywood for bathrooms, you have to be careful. Bathroom plywood need to be waterproof. Not only that. It has to be strong enough. The best quality plywood is required for the bathroom.

Now there are multiple uses of plywood in a bathroom. Mostly plywood are used for subflooring. Why? Because plywood are considered to be compact. They have a solid core structure. The surfaces are flat. And subflooring requires a rigid and flat surface.

Subfloor strengthens the washroom floors. You can install tile or other fittings over the plywood subfloor. The upper surface becomes stronger with a plywood subfloor. Also, the surface is made flat and polished if supported with flat plywood underneath.

A concrete backer board can be added to the plywood subfloor. It would reinforce the floor. Washrooms come in contact with water and moisture. Thus the chances of damage become greater. Moisture penetrates surfaces and destroys the core. Thankfully, plywood remain undamaged by moisture. When added to a concrete backer board, your washroom floor becomes long-lasting.

Water proof plywood has excellent impact resistance. The weight of the final surface is handled well by the plywood subfloor. Also, plywood can withstand the pressure of commode, bathtubs, etc. All this pressure can be withstood by plywood. Even after that, they won’t break or warp.

For subflooring, the best grade of plywood is necessary. Always examine the compactness. Make sure that there is no gap between the ply sheets. Consider the thickness as well. Knock the plywood and hear the sound. It would say if the core is hollow or solid. Also, look for the grading on the plywood (IS- number).

You must consult an expert to get the right plywood for subfloors.

BWP plywood is an option for bathroom walls. You may want to accentuate a wall. Or maybe the whole washroom wall can be covered with plywood. Water-resistance is the primary condition here. BWP plywood would work well in this case.

The phenolic glue attaches the layers strongly. The sheets are extremely rigid and solid. Water penetration is restricted in this plywood. Thus this is a great choice for your bathroom walls.

If you like to make plywood cabinets in the washroom, go for marine plywood. Marine plywood is even used to make boats. So they are great for bathroom usage. They would look extraordinary in the bathroom. Also, it would provide long-lasting service.

The phenolic resin glue adheres to the layers tightly. Therefore, the structure is hard. It is completely waterproof. It has excellent impact resistance. You may choose to make appealing cabinets for your washroom using marine plywood.

Plywood price varies. The grade and properties determine the price of the plywood. Three options are given above. You may choose the one that fits your purpose.

Longevity and durability should be your priority. Compare the prices. Check the compactness and quality of the plywood. Rethink. Consider the features mentioned above. And then select the right plywood.


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