These ready to eat products are all you need if you are living away from family


Working individuals who live with their family have the comfort of enjoying fresh home cooked food that is healthy and nutritious. As a working individual, it can be challenging to prepare your own food due to the demanding working hours in today’s corporate world. The same thing can be applicable for students who are living away from their family due to the demanding hours of a particular course.

During such situations, it is necessary that the preparation of food for every meal is convenient and quick. To match the requirements of current generation, ready to eat food products become a suitable solution to create meals on the go. These ready to eat food products will save cooking time for individuals who are living away from their families, who also need a quick process for meal preparation.

Kitchens of India provides a wide variety of ready to eat food products that are easy to make and delicious to eat. Kitchens of India also provides a wide variety of dishes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preference. It also provides further options considering the taste profile of the food, branching out from savoury to sweet and daily treats. We are going to look at some of the favourable ready to eat options from the Kitchens of India range for individuals living away from their family.

Kaju Halwa

You can now enjoy the goodness of cashews through Nawabi Kaju Halwa which is inspired from the era of Nawabs. This ready to eat dessert which can be easily provided under 5 mins will provide a perfect end to every meal that you have. You can also pair this meal with dark fantasy choco fills which are perfectly bake cookies that are filled with a molten choco filling. The combination of both these dessert delicacies will leave you fulfilled to the fullest.

Yellow Dal Tadka

Dal is one of the major staples of an Indian diet which provides a major portion of protein along with all the necessary nutrients. The Kitchens of India ready to eat Dal Tadka is a perfect option to prepare for busy days when you want to create a quick meal.

Rajma Masala

Rajma is another powerhouse of protein which tastes delicious and one of the favourite Indian dishes. You can use the ready to eat Rajma Masala from the Kitchens of India range to recreate a perfect side dish for your rotis or rice.

Murgh Methi

Preparing a chicken dish can be a very tedious and time consuming process due to the number of steps involved in cooking the chicken to perfection. However, the Murgh Methi by Kitchens of India will give the same scrumptious taste of chicken with the goodness of methi in just under 5 mins.

Chicken Darbari

You can now enjoy the taste of chicken that was once savoured by ancient rulers in the form of ready to eat Chicken Darbari. This dish is rich in flavour and creamy in texture that will tickle your taste beds and will be a perfect pair for your bowl of rice.


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