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The Secrets to Buy World Class ACs in The Year 2020

The Secrets to Buy World Class ACs in The Year 2020

As summer approaches, so does the urgent need for air conditioners. However, before one heads out to purchase an AC to prep for the summer, it is important to take note of a few crucial factors that help you get your hands on the best possible model. Making the right choice is crucial for long-term comfort and minimal hassle. Read on to know the secrets to buying world-class ACs in 2020.

  1. Tonnage –

When purchasing an AC, taking the tonnage into account is important. For a small room of about 140 sq. ft., a 1 ton AC will suffice. However, for bigger rooms of sizes between 140-180 sq. ft, a 1.5 ton AC will be needed. If the room is even bigger, a 2 ton AC is the right choice.

  1. Energy Efficiency –

The AC is going to be battling the summer heat for several months. This means that it has to be energy efficient in order to be affordable. When purchasing a new air conditioner, it is crucial to check the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) star ratings of the model. The higher the ratings, the more the savings. Checking the BEE ratings is important regardless of whether one is considering purchasing a split AC or a movable AC.

  1. Split vs. Window AC –

For smaller rooms that are not particularly spacious, getting a window AC is ideal. On the other hand, for large rooms that require continual cooling for several occupants, a split AC will be  an ideal choice for business. Your budget, too, will determine which type of AC is purchased, with window ACs usually being more affordable than split ACs, though less aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Air Quality –

It is important to purchase an AC with a good dehumidifier to maximize the effect of the cool air. Further, it must have microfilters that can sift through the dirt in the air, leaving only the cool air inside the room for the occupant to breathe in.

  1. Installation and Maintenance –

One should always get their AC installed from an authorized dealer, lest they should end up battling issues with the installation soon after. Understanding good hygiene and maintenance protocols help ensure that the AC lives a long and efficient life. Whether it is a split or a movable AC, learning about its functions helps one to run it and care for it better.

  1. Speed of Cooling-

Opt for models with a programmable thermostat, two fans, and adjustable speed, which can help you consume a minimum amount of power while ensuring efficient cooling throughout.

  1. Additional Features

There are several appealing features in ACs, ranging from auto-diagnosis to catch potential faults in the system, to wireless control that can control settings from one’s cell phone. It is prudent to be on the lookout for such features to ensure that the overall cooling experience is wholesome and provides comfort in every which way possible.


These are some of the secrets to purchasing a world-class AC!  Or you can go through this AC buying guide for the detailed information before buying an AC. Ensure you follow these tips and tricks to make the most of your cooling experience.


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