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The role of sport in social well-being


Sport has a major impact on society, both as an educational tool and as a tool for social cohesion. It is able to communicate values ​​and unite people towards a common goal.

In addition to providing many physical and psychological benefits, exercise is a powerful tool for social change and exercise. Sport plays an important role in promoting social cohesion and economic development in different geographical, cultural and political contexts. It is a powerful tool for strengthening social ties and communication and for promoting the ideals of peace, brotherhood, unity, tolerance and justice.

However, this ability lost its power

given the current preoccupation of the club and some athletes who only get positive results. Even if this encourages them to commit evil deeds and deceit; for example, there are cases of drug abuse. This has led to a devaluation of the development of sports activities.

Faced with this situation, associations in industries and industries must make an effort to achieve the goal of restoring the value of sport in society. To do this, they must adopt measures that highlight the impact of these activities on human life, as well as the impact of culture and its role as an educational resource.

For example, from a social perspective, sport improves social connections,

to address the need for confrontation and aggression and to stimulate sensitivity and creativity. In addition, it helps to improve the social atmosphere and encourages social participation, thereby removing class barriers. On the other hand, sport is also an instrument for social cohesion. For example, to enable people with physical and mental disabilities to participate in high-level competitions, such as the Paralympics Games.

Another factor that should get more support from the 스포츠중계 industry is the nature of physical education. Learning from defeat, making progress, team discipline, endurance or rigorous training are instructive elements in sport and can be transferred to society.

 Sport is an activity that influences the socialization process and expresses different values.

It has the power to unite people regardless of age, ethnicity, social origin or economic class. Therefore, the sports industry should consider using these activities and using its profits for community development and well-being. Illness and physical suffering Raga Naval, 35, in the Indian Wells Finals was the result of a “stress fracture in the left third arch,” as confirmed on Tuesday after an examination by his doctor, Angel Ruiz Comoro, who estimated the estimated time to be four in six weeks, which rules out the Majorcan’s presence at the Monticello Masters and casts doubt on the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell – Coned de Good Trophy.

The Monegasque tournament, where Manicure has won 11 times, will start on April 10, while the recruitment for RCT Barcelona-1899 will start on April 16, after four weeks, a minimal recovery period. † † † Natal, a Barcelona player and 12-time champion, the most successful, having played Dewy 16 times, is always on his calendar, but this time his participation will depend on his physical, especially in recent years careful to try to advance his career expand. Last year he lifted the title to the image after beating Stefano Tsitsihar in a very even final.


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