Home News The practice of sports has been linked to human development through the ages,

The practice of sports has been linked to human development through the ages,

The practice of sports has been linked to human development through the ages,

In a way, although without naming it that way, it has been a significant component of life for both primitive man and the Homeric hero, which included hunting and combat skills.

It is understood that man as a biological being and a social entity has always needed a space and time to recreate himself; It must be recognized that obviously this recreation is conditioned among other factors by: the prevailing social regime, the intellectual level of the individual, their economic level, the traditions and the recreational offers available.

    But starting in the 20th century, professional sport was born:

Athletes began to practice their nba중계 to, among other things, amuse other people who admire them. Action in the current conditions Cuba plays every day, with more force, an important role in the occupation of free time of all sectors of the population, by positively influencing the maintenance of their health, their well-being.

The author points out that the practice of recreational sports

Activities in adolescence exerts a favorable influence on the development of different volitional, motivational and affective qualities of the personality. He goes on to explain that with this project it is possible to occupy the free time of adolescents in recreational sports activities in the after-school and after-school hours in a healthy and healthy way.

When traveling in time and reliving from adulthood to one’s own experiences in adolescence, contradictory memories of happy and pleasant moments intermingled with others of security, fears and indecisions may surface; and it is that in this age between 11 and 15 years the child ceases to be a child, but is not yet an adult.

    It is then considered that the effort and coordination of all the socializing

agents of the community, among them are the CDR, FMC, Social Workers, District Delegate and directors of the Popular Council, who must direct their efforts and resources to achieve the objectives proposed for the town, which allows greater coherence in its actions to enhance the results of said work, based on the increase in the potentiality of recreational sports activities to contribute to the motivation of adolescents, improvement of the lifestyle of a population of Enrique de Velasco.

    The Enrique de Velasco belongs to the Popular Council of Primmer de Emery.

It is located to the east of said People’s Council, bordering to the north with the community of Botanize, to the south with the community of Samaritan belonging to the People’s Council of Korea, to the east with the community of Subunit belonging to the Pedro Ballesteros People’s Council and to the west with the head of the Primers de Ender municipality.

It has a territorial extension of approximately 4 km2, it has a population of 322 inhabitants, it also has a total of 5 CDRs, with two Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.


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