Home News The NFL will postpone American football for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

The NFL will postpone American football for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

The NFL will postpone American football for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

The NFL is putting its energy and capital into putting flag football on the agenda for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics as it seeks to expand internationally.

Nothing happens in football without the involvement or approval of the NFL, says Jeff Lewis, founder of the American Flag Football League (AFFL), and it happens when you try to earn a place on the list. . 2028 Winter Games.

“In all football, the NFL is, after all, the biggest player at every level,” Lewis told Reuters in an interview.

Both men and women play this sport professionally and entertainingly

and is scheduled for next year’s XI World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. The charm of flag football is that almost everyone can play it. Although the game is similar to football in terms of feeding and receiving, there are fewer defense requirements and the game is stopped when the defender pulls a cloth flag from the opponent’s waist. The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) is making an official kick-off at the International Olympic Committee (IOC), but as with most Olympic Games, the weightlifting is behind the scenes.

“Simply put, we definitely support IFAF and US Football

Follow the flagpole as an Olympic winner, “NAFL International COO Yamani Leech told Reuters.” We just told them how we could help them. We are committed to doing this and helping to guide, coordinate and bring people together.

IFAF, which represents the five-to-five versions of the mini-sport of the Olympic 스포츠중계, currently has 72 member states, all of which have flag teams and almost 70% have hosted matches.

The US leads the IFAF rankings in all categories, but the top ten includes some interesting countries and markets, such as Japan, India and Brazil.

Sufficient support

“With the right support and the right space, I hope we get there,” IFAF President Richard Maclean told Reuters.

“Associations and countries around the world have done an excellent job of launching the tournament and understanding the importance of their national teams. This has not been a problem.

“The problem is limited budget and how can we get it publicized?”

Enter the NFL with your network and sign a new $ 110 billion media rights deal.


As the flag seeks to expand its global presence, it is the entry point to what the NFL hopes will lead to a lifelong addiction to American sports.

Independent of IFAF, the NFL has its own underlying programs.

Earlier this month, the NFL Foundation pledged $ 1.5 million for its school flagship program, which has registered an estimated 13 million students since 2014.

The NFL has also invested in playing the game in Mexico, where more than 3 million children are said to have played the game.

“The global growth in sport, which we think is going to be amazing; more people who play any version of football is fine, “said Leech.

“A flag can be a way for some people to approach (football) and it excites countries and regions to compete for their Olympic medals, so we love it for those reasons.

“That’s how people interact with the game, and of course LA 2028 has many interesting unique elements of American space and time.”


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