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The Most Popular 4 Types of Solitaire Games

The Most Popular 4 Types of Solitaire Games

Solitaire is a card game that is loved by many people since the 90s.

This card game has earned alot of popularity over the course of time because of many different reasons such as it is a perfect game for introverted people who only love spending me-time as it is a one-player game.

As solitaire is vastly played and adored by many players this is the reason many different types of this game are developed.

If you are wondering about those types then this article is a perfect stopping point for you because in this article we are going to discuss the 4 most popular types of solitaire card games.

So without any further time wasting let’s get started. 

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Popular Types of Solitaire:

Starting with the very first and the most popular type of solitaire which is, 


You must have heard about the klondike version of solitaire at least once in a lifetime.

Klondike Solitaire is the traditional type of solitaire and it is one of the most played types of solitaire. Klondike solitaire has a winning ratio of 82%.

The name Klondike refers to a certain region of Canada where the gold rush has happened. Klondike solitaire gained popularity in the 19th century.

As soon as Microsoft made Windows 3.0 available to play this game, it became very popular.


The gameplay of this solitaire type is very simple all you need is a 52 card deck and arrange it in 7 piles.

Keep in mind that the arrangement of piles starts from left to right. 

In the tableau, the cards are arranged in such a way that the last 7th pile contains 6 downturned and 1 upturned card whereas the first pile contains only 1 downturned card. 

The player has to place the cards in alternating colors starting from the Ace and ending at the King. 


The second most popular type of solitaire is the spider solitaire. Spider solitaire is a two-deck type solitaire.

It has eight foundation piles, just like a spider has eight legs. Spider solitaire has two different variants that are spider one suit and spider two suits.

Spider solitaire is not easy at all only 1 game can be won in a game of 3. 


As a player, you need to put together 13 cards in a tableau from ace to king, and then you have to remove all these cards from the table in order to win the game.

There are 10 foundations that are arranged in such a way that the first 4 piles contain only 5 cards each whereas the remaining 6 piles contain 4 cards each. 

To make the game harder the player has to use more suits. Tapping on the piles 

If you use more suits then the game becomes more difficult. 

Free cell:

Free Cell solitaire is more like klondike solitaire. Same as the klondike version this type of solitaire has a 52cards deck.

It comes with 8 tableau piles of which 4 are the foundation piles and 4 are the free cells.

The winning ratio of free cell solitaire is 99% which means it is easy to play and win. 


The player has to arrange the card n 4 foundation piles in a way that they start from Ace and end with King.

This game is easy and interesting because all the cards are facing upward and can be seen by the player.


The unique card layout technique makes his type very popular. All of the cards are arranged in three triangles just like their name.

All the cards in Tri peaks version of solitaire are placed downturned. 

In Tripeaks, only the single row of 10 cards faces upwards. 


There are also 52 cards in the deck. All the cards must be removed from the tableau. To achieve this, you must destroy the card triangles.

Any card may be placed regardless of suit. In addition to being easy to play, there is also a high winning ratio in this solitaire game.


So we have discussed the 4 most popular types of solitaire in detail to provide our players with the information they need.

You can comment down below if you have any queries related to these 4 types of solitaire.


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