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The Most Mouthwatering Menu Items at Popeyes

The Most Mouthwatering Menu Items at Popeyes

What should you order at a Popeyes location? The answer often depends on either your personal preferences or even your mood at the time. 

But if you want a quick (and right) answer, it’s always best to go with the classics. And that means going with any of the items on our list: 

The Biscuit

Yes, Popeyes is famous for their chicken. There’s no arguing with that, and it’s not as if we’re excluding the chicken items from this list. 

It’s just that Popeyes biscuit is an iconic part of the menu. It’s so crucial to the Popeyes dining experience that not ordering a biscuit as part of the meal feels like some sort of blasphemy. It’s just not done. It’s just wrong. 

The Popeyes biscuit has been around since 1983, and all through these years, they’ve wowed patrons with that signature buttery taste. These biscuits are wonderfully delicate and soft so each bite is just so easy. At the same time, each one is flaky as well. 

Eat them as they are, or try them out with the gravy. You can make your own version at home, as there are plenty of online recipes to choose from. But the original is just the best. 

When you order at Popeyes, just mention the biscuit first. And then you can think about your main dish. 

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

The hype about this sandwich, when it was first launched in 2019, was just unbelievable. Social media channels were just inundated with various posts concerning just how astonishingly scrumptious these sandwiches were. And howls reverberated in social media platforms as well when suddenly these sandwiches disappeared. 

When the chicken sandwich was reintroduced, people actually lined up to get their fill. It’s as if the people were scared that it would be their last time to enjoy the chicken sandwich. 

This was the chicken sandwich that also launched the chicken sandwich wars in the fast-food industry. Suddenly, every other brand was launching their own version. Some industry experts even say that the Popeyes chicken sandwich is the reason why the other chicken sandwiches enjoy a surge in their sales. 

In any case, just get this sandwich as well. If people are lining up at the door, then just fall in line. The hype isn’t an exaggeration. It’s really that good. You have the white meat chicken that’s been seasoned by hand, and then it’s also breaded in buttermilk. 

Add the zesty pickles and the layers of sauce, along with the buttery brioche bun, and it’s an absolute marvel. 

Popeyes Signature Chicken

Yes, the chicken sandwich is a truly legendary option, and the choice of using the brioche bun for the sandwich was just an inspired decision. But don’t forget that much of the appeal of the chicken sandwich is due to the Popeyes chicken itself. This is the chicken that actually made the brand famous in the first place. 

Sure, it doesn’t have the brioche bun. That’s not always a bad thing. It just lets you concentrate more on the flavor. 

And what a flavor that is! Popeyes, unlike other brands, take so much time and effort into making their chicken that they marinate each piece for 12 hours. That’s why you’ll never experience such a thing as dry chicken. They’re always juicy and moist. 

Popeyes even audits their suppliers closely. This is to make sure that their suppliers follow the guidelines as laid down by the National Chicken Council. That way, no one can say that they’re complicit with any improper raising of chickens.  

Popeyes Popcorn Shrimp

Shrimp? How can this be part of the list? These are the questions that quite a few people might ask. But they get their answer once they get a taste of this treat. They’re really like popcorn, as you just find yourself getting another piece to enjoy. 

The fried batter is, of course, part of the reason why the Popcorn Shrimp is so delicious. That’s why it’s so crunchy. The shrimp is also juicy and tender, and spiced just right. 

If there’s a negative to the popcorn shrimp, is just that you don’t really find them as a separate item. Usually, it’s part of a meal deal, and adding the sandwich or chicken may just be too much for your stomach. But if you can fit this in with your chicken sandwich or signature sandwich, then go right ahead. 

Final Words

Of course, this list doesn’t quite contain all the goodies that you can get when you check out everything that Popeyes has to offer (view menu on PriceListo). But this is the A-list. If you’re introducing a newbie to Popeyes (if there is such a person remaining these days), then you’ll end up with a lifelong Popeyes fan if you stick to the items on this list. 

That goes for you, too. Make sure you have one of these items when you eat at Popeyes, and it’s always a pleasure. 


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