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The Evolution Of Sports Broadcasting Over 50 Years


Sport is what keeps us all alive. You tune in to your TV and turn on your favorite sports channel. And if your favorite commentator is somewhere, you should listen to him. But have you ever wondered how this sports broadcast began?

Let us take a short walk along the memory path and learn everything about sports speech and how to do it 스포츠중계 speech has developed:

  • Beginning
  • Broadcast
  • Telecast
  • Modern broadcast
  • Beginning

The history of sports broadcasting has its roots in the days of the telegraph. During a football match between Kansas and Missouri in Missouri, the Western Union set up a telegraph wire. Every detail of the match was given to Lawrence, Kansas, and the broadcaster read the details as if he had witnessed the match. You can imagine the joy of people when they have to hear every detail in almost real time, albeit a few minutes late. It was 1911!


Information transmitted by telegraph wires made sporting events livelier. Now people from other cities, especially fans of rival teams, can feel the thrill of the match without being there.

This lasted until 1919. In 1919, there was a radio announcer who read the details of the match on the radio after receiving information by telegraph. The full real-time radio broadcast took place on April 11, 1921.

The iconic 10-round boxing match, which took place at Westinghouse Stadium in Pittsburgh, was broadcast on the radio. This opened the door for live broadcasts of all games, be it a small college match or a league match.


Can you imagine a world without sports TV live? The legendary “hand of God” would not have gained so much fame if it were not for television programs. But first, TV was a luxury. Not everyone had it.

The first sports television broadcast was made in 1936 during the Summer Olympics in Germany. Several observation rooms have been set up in Berlin. Television signals were transmitted via coaxial tubes.

Then, in the United States, in 1939, several events, such as the NFL, baseball, basketball, and almost all college sports events, were televised.

Modern broadcast

The way we see sports broadcasts came a few years later in the second half of the 20th century. In 1979, ESPN was established in the United States as a special sports channel. This meant better coverage of sports with special time intervals for discussions and other sports-related programs.

In the United Kingdom in 1995 in such areas was created sports in the sky, which ceased its activities only a year later. However, in 1996 it was restored. Now almost every sporting event sells its exclusive broadcasting rights to various TV channels. Sponsorship, investment and contract modeling for the athlete began to arrive. Sport has become a lucrative career. And the rest is history!

So, next time, you will tune in to a sporting event, marvel at the human wonder of the human mind. From the transmission of every detail of the game via telegraph wire to live satellite television, we have undoubtedly come a long way.


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