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The Best Way to Find the Right Steakhouse Restaurant in the UK 

The Best Way to Find the Right Steakhouse Restaurant in the UK 

It’s no wonder that Britain has so many steak selections; chophouses originally appeared in the Big Smoke hundreds of years ago. Since then, the custom has grown, and the best slices from around the world can now be found throughout the country. We combed through data from hundreds of eateries to discover the preferred hangouts of Open Table’s most seasoned diners. A delicious, juicy steak can often be anything you want, no, need – yet little burns a hole in your wallet like a piece of red meat. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all of the top places in London which can fulfil your beefy desires without blowing the wallet. Here’s a list of twelve of the UK’s greatest steak restaurants:

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1. The Little Beef bar

This great new-kid-on-the-block, located in the heart of Chelsea, opened its doors in November and is a great addition to the London steak restaurant market. Hopes were high for the first UK outlet of the opulent Beef bar brand, which was founded in Monaco by renowned restaurateur Riccardo Giraudi, but boy did this restaurant delivers. Starters feature ‘Signature Bao buns’ – a delectable bundle of jasmine tea smoked Wagyu beef brisket, jambon d’entrecôte, and barbecue sauce – ‘Baby Quesadillas,’ and beef-infused ‘Posh Shawarmas,’ all influenced by a street-food menu approach. The major courses, however, are the highlight, with a delectable ‘Filet Mignon’ with a velvety mash and a traditional ‘Steak & Frites’ drenched with the one-of-a-kind Le Petit Beef bar condiment. If you have room for desserts, get the ‘Gelato Mantecato,’ that comes with all of the other fixings – best enjoyed with a bottle of Chianti.

2. Kitchen of the Jones Family

The charming Jones Family Kitchen, sister to the Jones Family Project in bustling Shoreditch, launched in May 2018 within the secret gem that is Eccleston Yards. It’s become famous for its superior cuts of meat prepared on Josper grills, but it’s also fantastic in other respects! The cocktail selection is amazing – try the ‘Roll with ‘Em’ if you like rum, or the ‘Honey Go Brightly’ if you prefer gin – and the starters include anything from octopus salad to duck egg with wild mushrooms. But, let’s admit it, this is a list of the UK’s greatest steakhouses, and you’re here because of the steak, correct? They make a fantastic sirloin, rib-eye, fillet, or rump steak, acquired from renowned butcher The Ginger Pig, and presented with additional truffle fries, burnt cauliflower, with sauteed wild mushrooms.

3. Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor seems to be the greatest spot to go if you’re a furious eater, as the long-reigning ‘Kings of the Red Meat.’ This British steakhouse pledged a vow when it initially debuted in 2006 to only deliver the finest beef the UK has to give. Since then, they’ve made it a point to source the whole of their beef from British farms and cattle which have lived the finest lives possible. It reflects because the steak offered here is delectable. If you’re exploring for something a slightly fancier to share, go for the chateaubriand, but they also have excellent sirloin, rump, fillet, and rib-eye cuts. Begin with beef dripping fries or a half lobster (yes, really) and you’ve got yourself a winner! They also have a BYOB option on Mondays, when you can supply your wine and only pay a £5 corkage fee. Let’s raise our glasses to it!

4. Darkhorse

We don’t think of sports teams whenever we speak of dark horses; we picture this massive 800g sharing steak topped with the yummiest tomatoes you’ve ever seen. You’re in for a true delight if you find somebody prepared to split, get some excellent sides – we suggest the rosemary and garlic roasties with buttery mixed vegetables – and a lovely bottle of red wine. Darkhorse also serves excellent desserts (try the apple and blackberry crumble or the steaming sticky toffee pudding), as well as a fantastic Sunday roast. They also have a BYOB option on Mondays, when you can take your wine and only pay a £5 corkage fee. Let’s raise our glasses to it!

5. Iron Flat

Flat Iron seems to be the ideal response to the question, “Where could I get a good steak in Britain without investing my entire life savings?” After all, a 12-pound steak at this British steakhouse is indeed a bargain. FOR THE STEAK and it’s not an overdone steak that could have been served at Wetherspoons… We’re speaking about a proper substantial steak, the kind where if you request for well-done, you’re upsetting us. Okay, you could serve it with some beef dripping fries or creamed spinach on the side, but the steak costs £12. Okay, we’ll quit talking about it now.

There’s free popcorn (and it’s delicious), a fantastic wine list, and cocktails at under ten pounds. Furthermore, they get their meat straight from the origin, with just some cuts coming out of their herd of cattle in North Yorkshire. If it doesn’t scream contestants for the best steak restaurant in Britain, we don’t know what else will.

6. L’Entrecôte de Venise Relais

When there’s just one thing on the list, you can be sure it’ll be delicious. All you have to do in this case is inform them how you would like your steak cooked, and you’ll be served steak et Frites with the renowned home sauce. Ooh, la freaking la.



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