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The Best Quinceanera Dresses According To Your Skin Tone

The Best Quinceanera Dresses According To Your Skin Tone

Quinceanera isn’t the event that’s going to come every year. That is the reason why every girl is excited about her 15th birthday and the dress of the day. Quinceanera dresses have to be special and one of a kind. The decision can even be time taking. You have to keep a lot of factors in mind. From the preferred style, body shape, latest trends to the skin tone, everything has an impact on the dress you should choose. Girls usually do not take skin tone into consideration, but it does make a difference in the contrast of the dress. Maybe the dress that looks perfect on a model in the dusky shade does not suit your milky skin tone or vice versa. Therefore it is crucial to know your skin tone and dresses that would complement your look. If you have no idea about it, worry less because this blog will talk about all of it. Let’s see what quinceanera dresses in 2021 look like and what would be suitable for your skin tone. 

Dark or Dusky Skin

  • Dark skin looks gorgeous with bright jewel tones or quinceanera dresses in pastel colours. These shades highlight dark skin color and add charm. Shimmery and rich shades like gold and copper are also a great choice for darker skin tones. Look for gold quinceanera dresses or dresses in amethyst and ruby. 
  • It is also preferable to avoid dresses in darker shades like black or brown. These colors mute the charm of deep skin tones. Other colors like blue quinceanera dresses should also be kept away from the considerable options. Cool colors look harsh on deep skin tone. Even quiet colors like gray can make the skin look tired. So prefer dresses in pop colors. 

Medium Skin

  • Pop colors bring out the best in medium skin tones. They highlight the warm undertones of the skin. Prefer going with dresses in any shade of green and blue. Especially emerald and turquoise dresses look the best. Other tones like sapphire, ruby, and amethyst are also an ideal pick for medium skin tones. 
  • You should keep away from shades like orange, beige, brown, or pink quinceanera dresses. Dresses in these colors might wash out your complexion. Pastel colors also do not work for medium skin tones. 

Olive skin tones

  • Olive skin tones outshine in almost all the colors. Bright colors like pink are the best pick for olive skin tones. You should go for dresses in lighter hues like white quinceanera dresses as they highlight the red tint in the olive skin. If you want to highlight the brown undertone in your complexion, go for shades in green. Orange or red dresses also work well for olive skin tones. 
  • Stay away from colors like beige or tan. Vibrant colors can make the skin look dull. 

Cool light skin

  • Opt for shades like pink or red if you have cool fair skin. Peachy shades work the best. 
  • Try avoiding metallic colors because they can wipe the skin color. If you want to choose a metallic shade, pick gold over the silver. 

Choose your ideal color wisely!


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