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The best online poster maker in 2022

The best online poster maker in 2022


Promotion and marketing are two important and prominent aspects of a brand. Whatever you are offering, it is crucial to showcase it properly to the consumers. This is the reason why an active and evolving marketing team is a must. Posters are one of the best and popular mediums that is used almost everywhere, in every segment for promotion and marketing. So, without any adues, here we bring to you some amazing poster makers of 2022 that not only offer amazing poster templates, but so much more than that!

If you are about to start your marketing campaign then we would suggest that you have a look at this blog. And if you wish to include posters in your campaigns then these makers can help you a lot.

  • Canva

Canva is one of the best publishing and designing tools that is currently available in the market. With the help of regular updates and easy to understand UI, this has become a market leader in no time. One of the best things about Canva is that it can easily be used to create visual content of all forms including presentations, documents, and many more. And if you use this software editing videos, photos, and audios becomes very easy.

Features of Canva’s poster maker

  • The software comes equipped with a photo straightener that helps in aligning them properly.
  • On this platform you can collaborate and create teams in real time which makes it easier and working together more immersive.
  • You can also use many effects like filters and also enjoy the comfort of drag and drop.
  • To give the final touch you can use the Image Cropper for precise trims at the end of your creation.
  • Another good thing about this software is that you can sharpen the aspects of the picture or video if there is any blur.
  • You also get stickers and photo frames to improvise on your posters.

Offerings of Canva

Apart from the features that we have listed above, the software offers approximately 2,50,000 templates, more than 100 designs, and a 5 GB storage space for free. And there are paid versions of the software too!

Operating Systems

You can freely use the software on Android 5+, Mac, iOS 12+, and Windows

  • Adobe Spark

There is no field in the digital world where Adobe hasn’t given anything to offer. One of the most versatile and opted products of the brand, “Adobe Spark” comes with a lot of amazing features and functions. This popular poster making tool helps the users to create and edit web pages, videos, graphics, and many more things. From intuitive graphic design templates to poster designs; there are a lot of things to explore, use, and enjoy.

Features of Adobe Spark poster maker

  • On Adobe Spark you get branded themes and templates in quite an extensive number.
  • Adding fonts, logos, and colours is easy on this platform.
  • There are multiple items and images to choose from so you get a pool of options.
  • There is a function of instant resizing which helps in getting the perfect dimensions of your videos and images.
  • Whatever kind of poster you create on this platform you get it watermark and background free.
  • Using filters, animations, GIFs, audios, and other things is very easy on Adobe Spark.

Operating Systems

It smoothly works on iOS, Mac OSX, Android, and Windows.

  • Poster My Wall

Like the other software Poster My Wall is also a tool that has helped many users to work on videos as well as images. Switching between these two is also made easy with the help of multiple tools available on the free version of this software. Poster My Wall is a very intuitive and easy to understand software that can be operated even by a newbie. You can easily toggle between the graphic design templates on the platform and get your things done.

Features of Poster My Wall poster maker

  • There is a very easy to understand menu design tool where you get all the options.
  • When you are done with all the designing and editing, downloading the result is also very easy and watermark free.
  • Some of the main features of Poster My Wall includes team collaboration and email campaigning.
  • With the help of a single click resize and background removal system you can make your designs even better.

Operating Systems

The only drawback of this platform is that it works on Windows 10 and none else.

  • Adobe Illustrator

Another very fine product by Adobe that has been in use for a long time now is the Adobe Illustrator. It works on industry-standards with vector graphic software. This has made it quickly popular and people have been actively switching to this platform. From free poster templates to getting your designs easily ready; everything is quite easy.

Features of Adobe Illustrator poster maker

  • One of the finest features of Adobe illustrator is that it promotes collaborative editing. 
  • You get touch type two is an image brush which can help in making your project even better.
  • The track version of the software comes equipped with cloud documents and all of it is accessible even in the off-line mode.
  • You can run a font search to look for the best one in the entire framework.

Operating Systems

It works on iOS 13.4, Windows 10, Mac 10.12 and above, iPad 13.4 and above.

  • Adobe Photoshop

This is one software that needs no introduction because many of us have already used it on our device. When it comes to graphic designing or imaging there are less products that can outclass this one by any means. It also has a huge number of options in poster templates.

Features of Adobe Illustrator poster maker

  • There are retouching tools available on the platform.
  • You can have a look at the smart objects.
  • Pen tools are also available.
  • The neutral filters on the software are AI-powered.

Operating Systems

Mac, Windows 10, iPad 13.1; you can use it on these without any problems.


With all this information, what do you think can you get a good marketing strategy using a poster maker? If yes then which of these would be in your bucket list. Not just the names that we have given above but there are a lot of professionals who work independently and deliver work on time. If you wish to get an expert’s help; you can bank on Designhill and other similar authoritative brands. So make your decision correctly keeping in line the vision and need of your brand. So get your template design today!


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