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The Best Indian Washing Machines at Affordable Prices

The Best Indian Washing Machines at Affordable Prices
Best Indian Washing Machines

Washing machines do a lot more than simply clean your clothes. They help in maintaining your hygiene, save energy and save water resources. They also save time and effort, letting you use them easily as and when you please. 

Indians, even consumers in lower-income groups, have realized the benefits of owning a washing machine. Price ranges of washing machines differ from brand to brand and from model to model and washing machine price keep on changing, but you can find one that suits your budget easily. The variety is vast in the Indian washing machine market today. Top brands like Samsung, LG, IFB and Whirlpool manufacture excellent washing machines at their Indian plants. 

Moreover, new innovations and technology in washing machines are not just available in high-end models, but also in affordable top-loading machines and some economical front-loading ones. Additionally, there are several factors you need to consider before purchasing a new washing machine. These factors include the capacity, the loading type (front or top loading), technology and the nature of operation, among others. You also need to consider the space where you intend to set up the washing machine. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new model, here are some of the best washers you can find today.

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL)

The Samsung 6.2 kg fully automatic top load machine (WA62M4100HY/TL) with Center Jet technology is a fantastic model in the affordable segment. A best-seller in the Indian marketplace, it features a diamond drum and a smooth curl design. While effectively cleaning your garments, this prevents damage to clothes. You also have a rapid wash program that washes heavily soiled clothes very quickly. This may just be your best Indian washing machine with its Center Jet advancement that lifts clothes as it cleans them efficiently. The washer also comes equipped with a magic filter for collecting lint, fluff and other residual particles, which prevents your pipes and drains from getting clogged. 

IFB Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Diva Aqua VX) 

The IFB 6 kg fully automatic front load machine is a top seller, as it is affordable compared to other brands’ front loaders. This model (Diva Aqua VX) has 15 washing modes, and specific settings for a better wash quality. You can wash a variety of fabrics, from brittle linens to soft silk items without worrying about them getting damaged.

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With a stainless steel drum and a spin speed of 800 RPM, it washes and dries clothes quickly, and is almost noiseless. You will get semi-dry clothes when they come out of the machine, thus reducing the overall drying time. Although front loaders may be more expensive than top loaders, you can still consider this IFB model if you opt to shop with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

Godrej Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WT EON 620 A Gp Gr)

This Godrej 6.2 kg fully automatic top load machine (WT EON 620 A Gp Gr) features Godrej’s very own i-Wash technology which selects a wash program automatically, according to the load and the type of fabric. The entire process, including soaking, washing and drying is done at the touch of a single button. An acu-wash drum ensures enough scrubbing without any hint of damage to the fabric. With 5 sufficient wash programs, clothes come out squeaky clean. For affordability and efficiency, a good choice is a Godrej washing machine. Price ranges of high-end models from the brand are competitive when compared with other brands too. 

LG Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (7585 DDLGA) 

As top-loading machines go, this LG fully automatic 6.5 kg washing machine (7585 DDLGA) is top-notch in terms of quality and design. Equipped with a smart motor with inverter technology, the machine adjusts the energy consumption to the requirement of the wash load. With a 5-star energy rating, your electricity bills will be well within the limits. Maintenance is also hassle-free with this machine as it comes with a smart diagnosis feature informing you about the errors, and helps with the troubleshooting process.

Samsung Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMPXTL)

The Samsung semi-automatic 7.2 kg top load washer (WT725QPNDMPXTL) is a sensible compromise between price and quality. You get three wash modes and a powerful pulsator that washes your load vigorously without any damage to the clothes. This Samsung machine comes with an in-built scrubbing board, so that you don’t have to exert yourself too much. Furthermore, it uses a turbo-drying mechanism to dry clothes faster. You can depend on Samsung washing machines to give you a blend of features and quality, and this machine gets the job done with ease. 

No Constraints

If you are looking for an affordable washing machine, you may have to look for a top loader, as front-loading washers are significantly more expensive. However, it’s not difficult to buy the best Indian washing machine if you purchase it with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You can make cashless purchases, and pay for the machine later in the form of monthly instalments. You can also purchase your preferred washer in no-cost EMIs, with flexible tenors ranging from 3 months to 24 months.


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