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The 8 Best European Cities For Food Lovers

The 8 Best European Cities For Food Lovers

If you are planning your next trip to Europe through Turkish Airlines, you will have a plethora of foodie destinations. Every city in Europe has its unique taste to tempt the varying taste buds. From authentic local cuisine and affordable restaurants to special delicacies, Europe is full of food. Indeed, your trip to this continent would never complete until you experience the magical cuisine of various cities.

However, the real problem is, where can you find the most delicious cuisine in Europe? Which are the sports where you can get exposed to the heaven of taste? To help you regarding your food itinerary to Europe, we have come up with eight European cities that offer amazing cuisine. We hope that you will thank us after experiencing the taste of these cities.

1. Naples, Italy

Naples is famously called the land of pizza because the pizza was invented here. Here, you will have the opportunity to taste the pizzas of hundreds of flavors. But the city is not only about pizza, the delicious seafood and the sweet deserts of the city are also immensely popular among the Europeans. The narrow streets of this historical city will satiate your thirst by offering you the best coffee in the world.

2. Barcelona, Spain

The tapa of Barcelona is unlike anything else. Furthermore, grilled seafood, tortillas, and patatas are some of the dishes that will compel you to drool for good. Amazingly, popular dishes can be found at affordable and local restaurants, implying that you don’t have to worry about the money while tasting the Spanish cuisine. You can go to El Xampanyet to taste the homemade cava in only 10 Euros per liter.

3. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital of city of Slovenia.  Apart from depicting the soaring mountain ranges, the city also has diverse and sensational cuisine. You can start your culinary tour from the center of the city where you can taste the amazing dishes from the riverside cafes. The fruity liqueur and the delicious schnapps are some of the items that will skyrocket your hunger. A meal here with your family should definitely be on your plans.

4. Lyon, France

Lyon is often nicknamed as the food capital of France. It is a fascinating gastronomic town where you will find the most famous chef in France, Paul Bocuse. Even though he is 90 years old, he still visits various restaurants in the city and guides the cooks on how to integrate a perfect taste to the dishes. Here, the local and seasonal menu with a Dutch twist will overwhelm your tasting senses. The chocolate pudding with a layer of crunch is the most popular item in the city.

5. London, England

London has plenty to offer if you are serious about food. Either you can watch how the professional chefs cook the Northern Thai dishes, or you can enjoy the local lobster with mac and cheese. Similarly, the small plates of grilled camel meat are sure to give you goosebumps. The city is so famous among the foodies that chefs from all over the world come here just to take part in the cooking competitions. If you are living in Pakistan, then you can also participate in the contest by booking Lahore To London Flights.

6. Lisbon, Portugal

The scene of Lisbon food is consistently booming. The professional chefs have remained loyal to the Portuguese cuisine for several decades. Due to the nearby sea and coastline, the seafood of the city attracts thousands of food lovers each month. The out-of-the-world taste of the Lisbon meals will imprint a permanent image on your soul. The traditional dishes of the city can be easily found at any local restaurant. The most famous dishes include caracoic, sardinhas, and bifanas.

7. Berlin, Germany

The city has a 24-hour nightlife that gives the food lovers a fantastic opportunity to create a new food scene. While the currywurst is a primary dish of the city, there are also other appealing choices that solidify the city’s cuisine reputation. A number of hotels offer weekend breakfasts and Thursday-evening street food. The Thai food park in the city reflects Germany’s status as the international spot of diversity.

8. Edinburg, Scotland

The thriving restaurants of Scotland are stretched from the hilly areas to the bustling roads. The natural pantries of Scotland fuel the sophisticated and the dining rooms of the city. When it comes to Michelin stars, Edinburg is the top gourmet destination in Britain. The Orkney lobster and macaroni cheese and the Scottish fish are the most famous delicacies of the city.


Each of the cities mentioned above has a distinct taste. Some people might relish the Germanic cuisine, while others would like to experience the coffee of Portugal. Whatever the case is, Europe will never betray your taste senses. Don’t wait further, and visit faremakers.com to fly to Europe at an affordable price.


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