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The 20 Best Things to See and Do in India

The 20 Best Things to See and Do in India

First of all we have to warn you: in this post you will not find everything that can be seen and done in India, it would be crazy! But, having traveled through this immense and strange subcontinent for 3 months, we are going to recommend the 20 things that we believe everyone should see and do in India. Here they go!

  1. Flipa in its capital, Delhi. The first impact will inevitably make you hard. The air smells like a thousand different things. You will mix with hordes of people in the streets, in the markets; in the temples … You will taste for the first time the food, spicy and spicy. In short, you may not understand the city at first, but it is a must on every trip to India, if you pass it, you will start enjoying India.
  2. Reach Amritsar and visit the Golden Temple, the most sacred for the followers of the Sikh religion. Visit it at sunrise or sunset and, if you feel like a complete experience, sleep and eat at the resort for pilgrims from all over the world. Just leave a donation!
  3. Since you are in the north, if the season is right, you can venture to explore the Kashmir region and the lake area in Srinagar. We have not gone yet, but we fell in love at a distance, thanks to Trajinando.
  4. One of the most popular regions of India, and destination of practically every first trip to this country, is Rajasthan. One of the entrance doors is Jaipur, the pink city, where you will fall in love with the Palace of the Winds.
  5. From the pink city we pass to the blue one: Jodhpur. It has one of the most beautiful and best preserved forts in the country, Mehrangarh Fort. In addition, its streets with blue houses are the perfect setting to contemplate the quieter life of a small Indian city. It is also super photogenic!
  6. Although we are clear: neither pink nor blue … our favorite city in Rajasthan is Jaisalmer, the golden city, which looks like a huge sandcastle. Immerse yourself in its walled ancient city, and spend a night in the neighboring Thar Desert.
  7. A small town that usually appears in every list of places to visit in India is Pushkar. And although it seemed to us a somewhat “schizophrenic” city, the image of the Ghats on the sacred lake at sunset is one that is never forgotten.
  8. And speaking of lakes … Udaipur should be the last stop on a trip through Rajasthan. It is a romantic, beautiful city, perfect to pamper yourself and find a charming accommodation. The best area is the one that looks at Lake Pichola, although if you do it inside the lake itself, it is already a hoot. Where? At the Taj Lake Palace, one of the most select hotels in India.
  9. Going to India without going through Mumbai would not be the same. It is the richest and poorest city in the country. Elegant and ramshackle. Scented and stinky. Modern and anchored in the past. Like it or not, it is not a site that does not leave you indifferent. All these feelings you can live in a single point: the Haji Ali Dargah mosque.
  10. Aurangabad is not a well-known destination, but if you get here you will not regret it: the caves of Ellora and Ajanta are a total pass. We are very fond of Aurangabad because here we met Anita and her family and learned what the hospitality of India is.
  11. And we arrive in Goa, possibly the most calm and relaxed state of the country, where even the cows walk freely along the beaches, between waves, palm trees and little tanned guiris. Find a beach and spend a few days to recharge the batteries you believe, in India they wear out very quickly. We stay in Palolem.
  12. One of the most unique places in India is Hampi, where ancient temples and ruins of palaces alternate with huge rocks that, according to legend, come from the Himalayas and were thrown by the God Hanuman. Hampi also has a pretty cool backpacking atmosphere.
  13. We loved the state of Kerala, and part of the reason is the cruise we did for the backwaters of Kerala. It is a network of channels that flow through the heart of the state and where local life is shown as it is, with children playing, women washing clothes, a man fishing … It is one of the most beautiful experiences you can live in India.
  14. They say that Darjeeling tea plantations are among the most famous in the world, although we did not know them, we are sure that Munnar’s have nothing to envy. We reached this small town lost in the mountains of Kerala on a motorcycle road trip from Kochi, and left us with our mouths open.
  15. During these 3 weeks of road trip through the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, we saw thousands of colored temples, endless rice and tea plantations, sculptures dug into the rock, the southernmost point of India and a city, Pondicherry, With a French touch that we loved. Our motor trip through southern India.
  16. Back to the north, we stop at Khajuraho, the city of the Kamasutra … not for nothing, but here there are some temples not suitable for children under 18. Yes, the carvings, regardless of what they show, are of extreme quality!
  17. Even if you think you have already defeated the impact of India, in the sacred city of Varanasi you will be hit again. It is impossible not to shudder at the charms of Varanasi. Here life flows, but also death, with the passing of the water of the Ganges River. It is a place with a soul.
  18. But if we talk about soul, we cannot forget the most famous monument to love in the world: the Taj Mahal. Although it does not need a presentation, you may not know that it is actually a grave.
  19. For those who are seeking meditation, those who need a spiritual retreat, or practice yoga away from the frantic chaos of India, the destination is Rishikesh. At the foot of the Himalayas, this city on the banks of the Ganges has earned the nickname of the world capital of yoga.
  20. It may not be a physical destination, but Indian cuisine is an essential aspect of this trip. So check out their most typical dishes and believe us … not everything is as spicy as you can think. Indian food is one of our favorites.

As we anticipate, there are still many things to see and do in India, although with these 20 you have a good time. Have we left out something essential?


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