Home Business The 12 personality traits of pro-options traders in London

The 12 personality traits of pro-options traders in London

The 12 personality traits of pro-options traders in London

The 12 personality traits of pro-options traders in London

London has one of the largest options trading industries in Europe and globally, with thousands of London-based traders earning up to six figures per year.

Here is a list of 12 personality traits of pro-options traders in London.

They like to change

London is a city that never sleeps and never stands still.

Traders who work here need to deal with swathes of economic data coming out on different continents; this can make London pretty draining for those who don’t like change and struggle with adapting quickly.

They’re self-starters

London traders are used to working alone (for the most part), so those who thrive here will be willing to get on with things without needing too much direction.

London is full of successful traders who are fiercely independent, so worriers need not apply.

They think outside the box

London’s finance industry doesn’t offer the rigid structure for traders that others do, which means they have to be resourceful and creative with their trading strategies. British traders are intelligent people – they’re used to making up their minds about things.

They have a thirst for knowledge

London’s options industry requires its employees to stay on top of current events to inform their decisions, meaning Londoners are often voracious consumers of news stories online each day.

They have an eye for detail

London trading typically involves lots of number-crunching, which Londoners are constantly using their eyes for.

London traders will understand that the little things often make a big difference in trading, and they’ll constantly be looking at improvements they can make in their strategy or approach.

They’re competitive

London is known for its cutthroat business culture; London traders need to be continually on their toes to stay ahead of the competition.

It’s also an expensive city, so most London traders need (or want) to earn as much money as possible.

They have a solid moral compass

Recent events have somewhat tarnished London’s finance industry, but London still has a pretty clean reputation, which means London traders can’t just do whatever they like with their mortgages.

London traders need to be trustworthy too – think of the reputational damage that someone can cause if they worked on Wall Street and were caught tampering with financial reports.

They know what they want

London is one of the most sought-after places for banking and trading jobs in the world, so Londoners had better be prepared to compete against thousands of other applicants if they want an interview.

They deal well with rejection

London has a competitive job market that means even experienced traders who’ve worked elsewhere may face some rejections before winning a position.

London traders aren’t used to hearing lots of nos, so those Londoners that can deal with rejection will probably be pretty resilient and persistent too.

They’re perfectionists

London is a culturally diverse city where people from different backgrounds work together.

London wants traders who know what they want and how they’re going to achieve it – London likes perfectionists because these people will provide the most efficient services for London’s trading industry.

They think fast

London has some of the best infrastructures globally (even better than New York), but this comes at a price.

London often faces more significant traffic jams and gridlock than other cities, meaning they need to be quick on their feet when making plans.

They’re hard workers

London’s finance industry is one of the most competitive globally, with traders fighting for recognition on a daily basis.

They pride themselves on success. They’re expected to work long hours, and they’ll need plenty of discipline and motivation if they want to succeed.

In conclusion

They’re determined individuals. Traders from here need to be determined and focused on what they want and how they will achieve it; Londoners can make it big if they work hard enough.

These traders are expected to put in the hours to get to the top.

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