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Technologies in sports, major changes and improvements in this area

Technologies in sports, major changes and improvements in this area

Technology does not discriminate against any sector and the sports world benefits greatly from its advancement. This is something that can be confirmed by the many examples we describe in detail in the future, thanks to technological advances that will allow us to see how change and improvement can be made in the sport. Increases contextualization, technology, and sports

There are many technological innovations that have been successfully applied in the field of sports, and it is useful when enjoying this kind of activity. In the world of tennis, for example, hawk-eyed cameras are used to create a three-dimensional map of the court with the aim of examining where the ball landed and knowing exactly where it went. Gradually, these kinds of technological innovations are made Providing greater accuracy and a higher level of competitiveness.

Techniques applied in sports

Some of the most useful technologies for 무료스포츠중계 include:

  • Thermograph
  • Golema High Speed ​​Cameras
  • Artificial vision systems
  • Free Dimensional
  • Reaction of the material
  • Robotics
  • Measuring instruments
  • Thermograph

Sports medicine is one that uses the benefits of thermographs to elevate the safety and security of athletes to a new level, as it allows them to prevent all kinds of injuries. They are accessible technical devices that can be carried anywhere and help to diagnose pain that is difficult to diagnose. With their early detection, injuries can be avoided as they provide a picture of what is happening in the athlete’s body.

Fast cameras

Technology systems such as GoalControl-4D, which uses state-of-the-art motion detection cameras, help ensure that the results in sports are always accurate. The technology is being used at the World Cup in Brazil so that you can know at any time if the ball has landed on the goalposts. The positive thing about this system is that it does not affect the ball or the goal, because its function is focused on image processing. A set of high-precision cameras record everything that happens on target and transfer the data to a computer for proper analysis.

Artificial vision system for biomechanical analysis

The latest technology integration in the market allows the participants of sports competitions to be monitored at all levels like recent events. Macho cameras and the Interpol 2.0 tool focus on recording everything that happens on the field and analyzing useful information for organizers and coaches.

This information helps to create a better experience in all aspects. The organizers of the competition can know exactly what is happening on the field through artificial vision. Coaches know what each athlete is performing, and journalists who report on competitions will have in-depth and more complete information.

To get these results, you need high-performance cameras like Mako from Allied Vision Technologies and good software like InThePool.

Free quantity

The Fried System is a platform based on the application of an artificial vision system, which aims to provide new ways to enjoy repetition. Used in the Super Bowl and thanks to the integration of at least 36 cameras with 20 megapixels of power, they achieved excellent results, they are JAI’s Spark SP-20000 models.

These cameras combine with state-of-the-art algorithms to create a map of everything that happens in the field without any rest. When the moves are complete, they are recreated using a virtual camera so that viewers can enjoy the show in all its glory.

Reaction of the material

Technology also applies to clothing that is resistant to contact and speed of movement, creating new materials that allow athletes.


Robots help test new athletic movements and test the amount of stress athletes can tolerate in certain exercises. They do not suffer or complain, so they are perfect as a testing ground.

Measuring instruments

Thanks to 3D imaging-based measurement systems that offer professionals and viewers everything they need to know about the sport, technology and sport are crossing boundaries.

Thanks to technological advances, these are just some of the demonstrations of how the sport is evolving and evolving so well. We will explore that in future publications.


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