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Taj Rambagh Palace of Jaipur

Taj Rambagh Palace of Jaipur

India offers the traveler some of the most special accommodations in the world is a fact, and details like this prove it.

Condé Nast awarded the 2009 Readers Award to the Taj Rambagh Palace hotel in Jaipur as ‘ Best Hotel in the World ‘. And it really deserves it.

The Rambagh Palace, built as a hunting lodge in 1835, became the official residence of the Maharajah of Jaipur in 1925 and from then on lived its splendor as a royal residence.

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces have made the Rambagh Palace one of its flagships, next to the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur and the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai. And it has made it a memorable accommodation, an experience in itself, a symbol of hospitality and Rajput tradition, which allows travelers to immerse themselves in the magical world of the Maharajas while enjoying all the comforts of a large contemporary hotel.

Beyond the aesthetic virtues of the Rambagh Palace, the know-how and the exquisiteness of its service are closely related to Indian concepts about hospitality and service to others. Along more than 47 acres of garden, it’s 33 elegant and cozy rooms and its more than 40 suites, the lucky traveler enjoying the Rambagh Palace can discover the subtlety in the details. From the spectacular floral arrangements placed daily, to the relaxing corners of the hotel, such as its magnificent swimming pools, exterior, and interior or it’s Royal Jiva Grande Spa opened in 2007, the staff of this establishment leaves in evidence that there is only one goal: the comfort of its guests.

And beyond all this, it is History that differentiates the Rambagh Palace from other luxury accommodation in Jaipur.

Rambagh Palace, the last residence of Gayatri Devi.

From its walls and walls hang portraits of the people who inhabited it, even once already converted into a hotel. The third wife of the last Maharaja of Jaipur died in 2009 and lived his last years in the former tennis hall of the palace when it was already converted into a hotel.

Gayatri Devi (1919-2009), better known as Raj Mata (queen mother) by the inhabitants of Jaipur, had a life as exceptional as the place he lived. Queen of Jaipur was chosen by Vogue magazine as one of the 10 most beautiful women in the world. After living the life of luxury and habitual eccentricity among the Maharajas, Gayatri Devi went from the hunts (killed his first panther at age 9) to become an environmental activist. From her life as the wife of the Indian ambassador to Madrid and her encounters with friends like Jacqueline Kennedy to the jail, where she was imprisoned in the 70s, during the Emergency period declared by Indira Gandhi.

He participated in politics for 15 years, becoming a fierce opponent of the Congress Party led by Gandhi and has the Guinness Record of the greatest advantage over adversaries in democratic elections.

As a policy, he worried about the situation of women in India, launching educational initiatives aimed at them.

She was a woman of lights and leftovers, but in any case, of those women who fascinate those who know them … And her presence is still felt in the Rambagh Palace. She was in charge of decorating the Maharani Suite and her portrait impacts who enters the so-called Rajput Room.

The feeling that the traveler has in the Rambagh Palace is that it is all true, tangible. There is no artifice. The history of the palace itself and the solvency of the management of Taj make this option one of the strongest for the stay in Jaipur and therefore, one of the favorites of the Geographical Society of the Indies, convinced that our travelers deserve the best experience.


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