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Swedish Massage Discover How It Is Applied And The Benefits of This Relaxing Massage

Swedish Massage Discover How It Is Applied And The Benefits of This Relaxing Massage

The Swedish massage consists of a series of maneuvers that combines friction, kneading and slapping. It is a relaxing, invigorating and reactivating massage of the circulatory system, which seeks to reestablish the natural balance of the organism.

Swedish massage was created by Henry Ling in the first decades of the 19th century and today, it appears combined in numerous massage techniques in general. Not for nothing, its creator has been considered “The father of massage”.

Swedish massage technique

Although for most people, the name does not refer to anything in particular, Swedish massage techniques are the most used by massage therapists around the world. These are some of the movements that are performed in this therapy:

  • Movement that is made in the direction of the heart.
  • Basic movement of the Swedish massage simulates a kneading.
  • Point pressure. Similar to the trigger point technique, pressure are applied to specific pain points to get blood flowing.
  • Deep friction. Circular movement that is made around specific points of pain.
  • They are claps that are performed at the end of the massage to reactivate the normal circulation of the skin.
  • Brushed with fingers. To finish, a gentle brushing is performed with the fingers to calm the nerves that have received the massage.

Benefits of Swedish massage for the body

Here we will tell you in detail what are the main and secondary benefits of a good 스웨디시 massage.

  • Free your body of toxins. Swedish massage is an excellent option for activating your blood circulation, helping to eliminate waste from your body quickly.
  • Improve your cardiovascular activity. This happens because the Swedish massage is made up of counter-circulatory maneuvers.
  • Relaxes the muscles. It is an excellent treatment for backs that are too overloaded and contracted.
  • Induces a state of deep relaxation. A good session of Swedish massage eliminates tension, improves energy flow, increasing and providing vitality to the body.

In short, the Swedish Massage or as it is known in other places, the chiro massage, will achieve a deep relaxation of your entire body, relieving you of ailments such as knee pain, contractures in the waist and back and generalized muscular pain.

Psychological benefits of a Swedish massage session

The benefits of Swedish massage are not only physical; it can also serve as a complementary therapy to treat psychological or emotional problems:

  • Considerably improves mood, by generating oxytocin naturally.
  • Decreases the level of anxiety and irritability.
  • It is an excellent complementary therapy before the appearance of depressive symptoms.

How is a Swedish massage session?

A session of this type of massage consists of three basic stages: a previous warm-up in order to put the body in condition for the next stage and then a thorough work on the deeper muscle layers.

Next, we will explain the step by step of the different techniques:

  • In your first contact, the professional will conduct a brief questioning about what are the objectives to be met in the session, what are the pre-existing diseases, if any, and what is the reason for your visit.
  • You will then be invited to lie down on a table. Swedish massage sessions are performed on the naked body, although in some cabinets you will be provided with disposable underwear for your greater comfort.
  • The Session will begin with maneuvers in the form of slides with a sedative effect or with friction to warm up.
  • To avoid any kind of irritation, your masseuse will surely use aromatic oils or specific creams.
  • In a second step, centripetal maneuvers will be carried out, towards the heart, in order to reactivate your entire circulatory system.
  • After different types of kneading, you will feel how the muscles of your body gradually tone up.
  • The session will end with pressure, slapping and finally relaxing maneuvers that will significantly improve your previous level of stress.


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