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Successful Options for the Perfect Jute Rug Options – Floorspace

Successful Options for the Perfect Jute Rug Options – Floorspace

Choosing the right carpet is a crucial step to complete the look of your home. You can add a touch of color to the room, giving personality and character the patterns you like best. Buying carpet is essential; this ranking of the best rugs for the living room will help you in your choice.

Natural fibers are becoming increasingly important in our homes. Today, it is an essential element for all those searching for balance and contact with nature, bringing us back that feeling of relaxation, calm, and freshness. For this reason, jute rugs are among the “must-have” of this season. In this tutorial, we will learn to make the most of these decorative elements, and we will see how to decorate your home using a jute rug integrating it with your furniture so that it matches the walls and gives a natural touch to your home.

Thanks to their incredible versatility, jute rugs are the best example of natural and eco-sustainable material, comfortable to use both indoors and outdoors, creating light and straightforward spaces. They also fit perfectly in the country house, by the sea, or even in the mountains, thanks to their resistance and durability.

Tips for decorating your home with a jute rug

  • Here are some ideas and suggestions for decorating the different rooms of the house in a contemporary way.
  • Simulate a beautiful headboard for your bedroom, giving it an ethnic yet elegant look.
  • Integrate it into the reading area next to your favorite armchair to create a relaxed and welcoming environment.
  • Make it the undisputed star of an elegant living room or a children’s bedroom.
  • You can also use them on large walls to create asymmetrical compositions with a strong impact, which you can also combine with paint or wallpaper.
  • Take advantage of the various formats available to play with spaces: you can find square, round, oval, rectangular ones.
  • Thanks to their composition, they are easily dyed so that you can adapt them to the trendy colors of the season.
  • Considering all the available versions, the jute rug allows us a vast choice among the decoration options, perfect for personalizing the various environments with different solutions in every season of the year.

Ranking of the best carpets for the living room

To make the living area more comfortable and warmer, you can use Jute rug. Shape? Rectangular, placed between the sofas and the cabinet with the TV. This shape seems to debilitate the relaxation area and covers more space. On the other hand, a reading area consists of an armchair, a coffee table with a lamp, and around a carpet. Below is the ranking of the best rugs for the living room with different shapes, sizes, and materials.


Shaggy is a long pile rug with bright colors and very resistant. Make your relaxation area soft and fluffy for a desirable stay. Being monochromatic, it adapts to any environment and style.


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