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Structured Coaches, Part 4-Choosing an Organizational System

Structured Coaches, Part 4-Choosing an Organizational System

Before the coach starts collecting all his material, a very important decision has to be made. Organizational methods or systems are chosen to suit the project’s goals and expectations. In today’s mega office equipment stores, there is no shortage of organizational opportunities and tools. Choosing the right one for you is the key to becoming an “organized coach.”

Because of my tendency to organize since childhood,

I have come to know all kinds of organizational systems. By experiencing different systems, I have reached a comfortable place in the world of my organization. Every coach needs to choose the right system for him and he will be most motivated to use it. Being motivated to use your system as soon as you use it is the most important element in this whole process. I have previously been frustrated with coaches who took the time to clean up the mess and restart, then leave the selection system right after opening a new sheet. The message you must hear loud and clear is that all effort without action is in vain. An action is a spark plug that ignites any major or minor effort. Let us review the steps that need to be in place before the action steps.

Decide that you are disorganized and want to be a Managed Coach.

Commit to getting rid of everything you do not need. Divisions and Contributions from Part 3 of this Series. Stack information on labels; namely-Errors, philosophy, exercises, motivation, clinic.  Select the organizational system that is the purpose of this article in section 4.Put ACTION behind your desire to be “The Organized Coach” and you will be amazed at the results. The choice of a system depends on the individual and his or her preferences. No system is better than another. In fact, the best system is the best for you. If you can keep everything in place and access it quickly, then the system is great for you. Your assistant coach or coaching partner may use a completely different system.

Try this exercise:

Think back to a time when you were most organized in your life. What system are you using and why is it a good super organics  for you?  Identify other teachers, coaches or business people that you think are very organized, and consult with them and their system. It may or may not be for you, but you will learn a lot about the things you do by following this exercise. Close your eyes and imagine your office in the best and most organized condition. Capture the mental image and recreate it through your own organizational project.

Go to Office Depot, Staples or any large office supply store. Go down the hall and see all the ingredients available. You will probably see some products you have never seen before and love their potential in your system. Try not to overdo it and load a lot of ingredients, but if you see something you can use, buy and try.


Archiving system – One of the oldest forms of organization. Can be used for any purpose and for any profession. The way you decide to organize, separate and split your folders is the biggest factor once this system is chosen. Notebook System – This system has great advantages over other systems. The notebook is portable and with a three-ring ring binder of material you will not get lost or lost. Like an archive system, the most important thing is to decide how to organize, sort and divide material into notebooks. Detachable section separators and tabs are also another consideration. You need a powerful three-hole punch to use the laptop properly.


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