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State Sports Council

The State Counselor for the Promotion of Sport (Code of Jalisco) is a decentralized public body of the Secretariat of Education of Jalisco with a legal entity and its own property that regulates sporting activities in the State of Jalisco. Our country has extensive and active sports facilities that are most suitable for the development and promotion of sports. It is planned in KOD; Promote development and encourage teaching and training.


Promote and promote physical culture and sports, contribute to the basic development of the inhabitants of Halisk and provide them with access to a better standard of living.


Jalisco is Mexico’s leading state and established champion in the advancement and development of athletes; It trains national teams and national teams as well as professionals in the field of physical culture and 해외축구중계사이트

As a result, much of Haliska’s population is healthier and more active.


Design, inspire, develop, motivate and oversee the training and teaching of youth sports Haliska, physical culture and holistic holistic development.

Update the biological structure of the sport.

Strengthen high-performance sports.

Create technologies for training and innovation.

Get funding for Jalisco code projects.

Promote and support the organization of national and international sports competitions.

Develop a practical and subtle extension of state sports law.

Discover a level of sport and physical culture that promotes the diversification of international athletes, advanced sports training, healthy recreation, holistic intellectual development and a sustainable creative outlook.

Role and responsibilities
  1. Organizes, controls, coordinates, evaluates and implements activities and programs inherent in the activities, policies and goals defined in the state system;


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