Home News Sports Governance: The challenges facing the modern sports industry

Sports Governance: The challenges facing the modern sports industry

Sports Governance: The challenges facing the modern sports industry

The sports industry continues to suffer from more and more problems in recent years: corruption, doping, scandals among athletes, illegal competition fixes, etc. This is combined with other drawbacks, such as poor management of finances in sports organizations, non-compliance with legal and ethical standards in clubs, among others. Therefore, governance in sport must be prepared for all the challenges that this area faces. Here are some of the main ones:

The landscape of anti-doping

Medical technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds. This opens the way to new pharmacological methods that enhance physical and mental abilities. For this reason, it is necessary to question what constitutes doping, how to prevent it, manage it and alert athletes.

Autonomy in organizational management

Athletes increasingly want to be more autonomous, evading the rules and ethics of the institution or club to which they belong under contracts. It is essential to create a government based on the values, culture and norms that an organization has and work together with the athletes for their understanding, monitoring and understanding.

Increased demand for economy

While a 스포츠중계 traditionally represents entertainment, culture and social activity, finance is increasingly present in this industry. The sector now demands a lot of revenue, advertising and profitability. Leaders must manage very well the issue of sponsors, good accounting management and avoid acts of corruption.

Redefine sports

With the increase in technology, the gap between the digital field and sport is increasingly narrowing. Gaming is a trend that should be considered and how governance can affect the so-called e -sports industry. This, in turn, poses challenges on how to organize, manage, and comply with regulations in the virtual arena.

Political rules

With increased funding, sports and organizations are increasingly expanding their activities. Reaching other countries and holding international events means assuming and following the rules that govern in those places. Professionals are needed to handle this issue in order to avoid legal loopholes or problems that harm them.

Transparency and ethics are pillars so that the different challenges can be overcome. But, in addition, knowledge of the set of rules, good practices and principles encompassed by the governance of sport is needed. For this reason, specialized professionals in this field are required to enforce these principles and face all the challenges that lie ahead in the world of sports.


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