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Sports drive 3D TV

Sports drive 3D TV

World sporting events will be the main drivers of future three-dimensional television, according to the consulting firm Screen Digest. No more watching a tennis or football match in flat, half of the future specialized 3D television channels will revolve around the live broadcast of major sporting events, which will promote the generalization of this type of television in society.

The live broadcast of major epl중계 events will be the main engine that drives the generation of content for the new three-dimensional television, according to a report recently made public by the Screen Digest consultancy for Panasonic Europe.

According to the document prepared,

five out of ten new specialized 3D television channels will revolve around the live broadcast of sports competitions. This type of content is expected to contribute to a strong increase in the penetration of the new 3D television in Western economies. Screen Digest research reveals that by 2014, 25% of homes in Western countries will have television sets capable of receiving 3D images. The data managed by Pedro Navarre, president of Sony Spain, are even more optimistic: “in 2015, 40% of the televisions sold will be in 3D”. In any case, the penetration rate will depend on the availability of viewing content adapted for three-dimensional and high-definition television. The consultant predicts that the sports that arouse the most expectation are soccer, golf, tennis and American football.

But not only sports and television content will drive this new technology.

As recently reported from Sony, the new Blu Ray can be seen in both two and three dimensions. In addition, the Play station 3 is the first entertainment system that incorporates three-dimensional technology and as explained by the company, “3D technology will be applied to existing titles and future video games.” According to James Armstrong, senior vice-president for the southern part of Europe and CEO for Spain and Portugal at Sony, “the world of videogames will greatly help the expansion of 3D technology”.

First sports broadcast in 3D: Roland Garros

This week, in collaboration with the French Tennis Federation, Orange TV and Eurosport has launched the first 3D broadcast of a major sporting event in Europe , the Roland Garros Tennis tournament, which is broadcast live in France through from Orange TV and for the rest of Europe through Eurosport and the Astra and Eutelsat satellites. Vicente Sánchez Villares, President and CEO of Panasonic Spain, has highlighted that the collaboration between Panasonic, the French Tennis Federation, Orange and Eurosport represents “a giant step in the broadcasting of sporting events: one of the business areas of the sector entertainment in which 3D television has the greatest potential”.


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