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Soros, 8,000 million


George Soros is almost a character of legend . It is said that he managed to bring the Bank of England to its knees in 1992, and in the process earn 1,000 million dollars (899 million euros) by operating against the pound sterling. Some say that with his fortune, according to Forbes magazine, more than 8,000 million dollars (7,195 million euros), he is a philanthropist who, among other things, promotes education and defends LGBT rights and those of racial minorities. ; others claim, however, that he is simply trying to manipulate politics and the economy for his own benefit.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.

Despite the controversy that his figure currently raises, no one in the financial market detracts from him an iota of merit as an investor. His strategy can be summed up in four simple words: think, read, reflect and listen (especially to those who think differently). Soros values ​​the stocks or bonds in which he intends to take positions taking into account the information that exists about them in the market and how this information is being valued by market participants (with euphoria, fear, prevention, mistrust, etc.). Once he has decided to take a certain position he puts it to the test in the market. If the result is positive, it increases it (“there is no investment position too large”); if it’s negative or just makes him feel uncomfortable, he leaves her even if it makes him lose. For Soro,

Bill Gross is known as the King of Bonds and, above all,

He is recognized for having developed and changed the rules of the game in the fixed income market and, along the way, having obtained over three clct stock some high returns by being able to follow trends when they felt they were right and also stop doing so at the right time. A pioneer in the use of mathematical models, Gross has always defended investment time horizons of between three and five years β€””always longer than those of my colleagues”β€” ignoring what he called market noise (“or when it becomes irrational”). In his opinion, on this basis the portfolio needs to be restructured only if it can take advantage of any short-term trend.

Retired about a year ago, the letters he sends to investors are still

Famous in which he not only gives advice on the financial markets, but also others on love or more everyday matters such as the pleasure of sneezing. In the last one, dated in October, he makes an analogy between the song Saved by Zero, by the rock group The Fixx, and the current situation of the markets with zero or negative interest rates.

He warns to prepare for sluggish global economic growth and believes the end of the double-digit appreciations of past months and years has come. In his opinion, “high-yielding stocks and assured dividends are what a savvy investor should start owning.”


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