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Something Above The Orthodox Business Entrance Tests

Something Above The Orthodox Business Entrance Tests
Rachel Barr, 17, of Scarborough, Maine, takes a practice SAT Test in a room with other students on February 23, 2016. The redesigned SAT is being administered to high school students for the first time Saturda

There are many tests for taking admissions further in universities and business schools. These tests are kind of entrance test that students are required to clear or score good marks in order to take admission in a particular university. Different universities prioritize the tests that they give importance to.

One of the most underrated exams is GRE. GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. The fee for the exam is $205. GRE is accepted in Australia, Canada, USA, and UK.GRE test is conducted once in every 21 days but individual limit to appear in exam is limited to maximum of 5 times in a particular year. This test is given by students for taking admission in universities of abroad. The score of the GRE is valid for 5 long years. This test involves testing students on the following topics:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Analytical Writing
  • Verbal justification
  • Logical Reasoning

The most difficult session among these four subjects is Quantitative aptitude. Most of the test like GRE has Quantitative Aptitude session but this session is rated most difficult for GRE exam. GRE is not an easy exam to crack that’s why most of the students go for some other exam. GRE quant practice is the most exhausting one. Quantitative aptitude section of GRE is toughest. It needs special attention of the students. Most of the practice questions available in every practice booklet is of Quant only. Many institutes provide practice handbooks and even additional practice questions are provided on the website of the institute. Huge importance is given by institutes on the quant section because students result is majorly spoiled by quant section. There are many books available online for GRE preparations. This has helped a student in preparing for the exam in the best way they can. Advantages of doing GRE are:

  • Widely recognized by other countries and major business schools
  • Its scope is not just limited to the Business school; it is also accepted by various other universities.
  • A fee is quite less compared to other tests fee that is conducted to take admissions in abroad.

GRE is not recognized by students due to its unpopularity. GRE is notorious for its quant section. Not many students know about this exam. This is because people just stick to the orthodox exam list followed by most of the people. Student nowadays needs to explore more.  Students should not get afraid by listening to the toughness of the exam or of a particular session. Practice makes a man perfect, so all one needs to do is GRE quant practice. Every test or exam has some portion that is tough to crack but that doesn’t mean one needs to give up. Instead, he/ she needs to practice that segment so many times that they become forte in that area. A student should start looking towards everything more pragmatically. Their decision should be based on what they want to do and not on the basis of the level of difficulty of a particular subject or exam. GRE can turn out to be a good option for students looking to go abroad.


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