Home Lifestyle Some of the budget friendly smart TVs that you can buy right now

Some of the budget friendly smart TVs that you can buy right now

Some of the budget friendly smart TVs that you can buy right now

Not sure about which smart TV to put your money on? We have shortlisted two that are sure to meet most of your needs and are selling like hot cakes right now. Have you been saving up for a new smart TV? If you are waiting for the right time to put your hard-earned money to good use, now would be a good time.

While high-end televisions have always been an expensive affair, recent developments in the smart TV space have meant that a smart TV under 15,000 INR is a reality. You’d be surprised to know some of the features that were considered “high-end” just a few years ago are common-place on most budget-friendly TVs today.

Budget 4K Smart TVs

Just four years ago, having a discussion about 4K TVs under 60,000 INR would’ve been a pipe dream regardless of its size. For the uninitiated, 4K is four times the resolution of a standard HD television.

Today, the majority of 55-inch and higher sized TVs are equipped with 4K displays. If you are looking to upgrade your current TV setup, 4K is the way to go. You’ll find some of the best LED TV brands with 4K for less than 35,000 INR.

Upgrading to a 4K TV today will ensure that you won’t have to bother looking for a new TV at least for a few years to come.

Smart TV Features 

Smart features are an essential prerequisite of the best LED TVs available in the market today. They are often a good indication of how much thought a manufacturer has put into their LED TV line-up. Unfortunately, you will on occasion come across supposed “smart TVs”, but without many smart features.

Apart from the quality of the display, you should also do some research on the user interface and OS. Mi TVs, for instance, come preloaded with PatchWall UI, which offers a range of content to choose from.

The right smart TV features could be the difference between an average or a great TV viewing experience.

Limited Period Offers

Everybody loves a good bargain; who could say no to getting more for less? TV manufacturers are always trying to out-do one another and price is one area that seems to get the most buyers’ attention. Make sure you shop around before handing over your hard-earned money. Apart from online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart, you could try retail outlets like Croma, Vijay Sales, or even your local neighborhood electronics shop.

In a bid to attain as many customers as possible, retailers are known to offer a price match on products sold online. This may also be good news for you in the future in case you have issues with your TV and need to take it back to the retailer.


If you are looking for a budget TV that ticks all the boxes in terms of features and innovation, then look no further than the Mi 4A pro. The TV is equipped with the latest PatchWall UI, which means you will be able to enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies.

The TV also has a list of great features that include: HD Ready Display, Stereo speakers, Android OS, and a lot more. If you like listening to music, then this TV is definitely for you. It features DTS-HD sound that can fill an average-sized room with high-quality audio.

Other notable features that you get are Google Voice Search and built-in Chrome cast. The Mi 4A PRO is available online for just 13,499 INR.

OnePlus Y Series 32-inch LED TV

OnePlus is a relatively new entrant in the smart TV space, but if their smartphones are any indication, you should expect high-quality packaged with affordability. The TV is packed with a host of exciting new features that make it a wonderfully all-round smart TV.

It offers fascinating visuals with a high color range of DCI-P3 93% and OnePlus’s Cinematic Display and Gamma Engine technologies. These new innovations use a number of processing enhancements, such as super-resolution, dynamic contrast, MEMC, and others to improve picture quality.

The television also features Dolby Vision certification for HDR video streaming. The OnePlus Y Series 32-inch TV is available online right now for a price of 13,990 INR for a limited time period.


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