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Simple Norms of a Halfway House one must be aware of


Rehabilitation and recovery are complex processes. It is not unidirectional. Recovery, from any form of addiction, is a comprehensive and holistic procedure that requires support and discipline. One of the best ways to achieve an ideal way of life is to opt for “transitional living” offered by Halfway houses or what is also called “Sober Living Homes”.


What are these Sober Living Homes and What Role do they have to play?


During a Rehab Program: Well, these homes provide a structured living environment for people who are in rehabilitation programs or are treading through the months of early recovery. Some patients may not actually have a home to fall back on or a permanent residence where they can go back to when they enroll themselves in a rehab program. This is where they can look for “halfway houses near me”.  This is a home that will provide them with shelter and a therapeutic environment as they continue their rehab, look for jobs, and work their way towards complete sobriety. 


Post Attending a Rehab: Many would seek a halfway house in Delaware after their rehabilitation program is over. These houses are ideal for outpatient treatments too and also for therapies that may be needed for further development of de-addiction skills. These skills are typically introduced during the initial months of a recovery program and they typically need time to latch on. Halfway houses help them to fall in line with a structured life, a fixed schedule, and self-discipline. They also help in developing very healthy communication skills. 


Some Rules to be followed when in a Halfway House


Halfway houses allow loads of freedom. The idea here is to feel at home while one is battling the physical and psychological repercussions of addiction. However, there are some rules to be followed:


  • There are fixed hours for coming home every night. Being home at a fixed time does help in deterring people from going out and also in keeping them away from triggering environments.
  • There are some rules about the daily tasks one is expected to complete before leaving home. These responsibilities need to be carried out on a daily basis. 
  • There are rules about cleanliness and hygiene that are to be followed.
  • Noise control norms are also in place. 


The rules are mostly to help people keep focused on their recovery process and help them appreciate the importance of sticking to their commitments. 


Some Specific rules of a Halfway House:


Some norms worth mentioning would include:


  • Staying sober is important.
  • There must be respect for other residents. Disagreement resolution must happen in a peaceful manner. 
  • There should be no act of stealing or using other people’s things without permission.
  • Being part of a recovery program is mandatory.
  • Being employed or actively seeking employment is important. 


Halfway houses normally do not charge an amount upfront. One can choose to pay monthly rentals. Most of them aren’t exceptionally expensive. The cost however will depend on the nature of the accommodation that is being provided and the services given. Choosing a halfway house that fulfills requirements may involve a bit of informed research. Location is extremely important too. 


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