Home Business Sharon Deflorio – Traits That Every Business Development Professional Should Have

Sharon Deflorio – Traits That Every Business Development Professional Should Have

Sharon Deflorio – Traits That Every Business Development Professional Should Have
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Business development is an exciting career; you get to meet and interact with many people. Every company needs new customers, and business development professionals are highly in demand these days. The career prospects are bright, and several job opportunities are waiting for you across the globe if you are interested in taking it up as a career option.

Sharon Deflorio – What do you need to focus on as a business development professional? 

Sharon Deflorio is an esteemed business development professional from Norwalk, CT, known for her proven track record in generating inbound leads, implementing and developing outbound strategies, and proactively driving results for lead generation. She is a star performer known to exceed performance metrics and generate revenue.

She is adept at establishing rapport with her clients and people, establishing trust, and forming solid and valuable relationships with everyone she contacts in her field of work. Besides the above, she holds rich industry experience, making her creative, agile, and highly adaptable to dynamic changes in the industry.

Meet people often 

According to her, if you are interested in becoming a business development professional, you must be fond of meeting people. You will meet all clients, so communication and listening skills are vital. Most of the time, you will be negotiating with clients, so you should also have good negotiation skills.


It would help if you were adaptable when fixing appointments and meeting your clients. You need to show up and talk with your prospective and existing clients about the offers of your business. It would help if you were flexible with your work timings so that you never miss an opportunity to bag a deal and complete your daily targets.

Genuine follow-ups 

You must follow up with your clients; the above does not mean emails and cold calling. The key here is to establish a professional rapport with your business client to get repeat sales for your business. It would help if you always approached sales opportunities keeping in mind the personal connection.

Building relationships with the business client 

It would help if you focused on building relationships with your clients- the key here is to focus on creating new connections and retaining the existing ones. Trust is essential, so you should also focus on building credibility.

Listen to understand the needs of the client

According to Sharon Deflorio, communication skills do not only imply speaking; you should also be a good listener. You should talk with your clients and ask them questions about the business. Note down their answers as this helps you better serve them in the future.

You can only understand your client’s needs if you listen and ask questions about their financial needs, the expectations from your company, their feedback on a service or product offering, and more. In this way, you can gradually become a successful business development professional and simultaneously add value to your company and personal development! Get started today. It is time to make a difference!


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