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Sexual Problems in Men: Process and Treatment

Sexual Problems in Men: Process and Treatment

Sexual problems in men are defined as those issues a man faces that prevent him from attaining healthy sexual intercourse daily. Because of these sexual issues, a man’s physical and mental health is also affected, making it difficult to maintain his routine life smoothly. Keeping in mind the need for sexual health, doctors are now focusing on treatments to cure the most common sexual problems using the latest methodologies.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one such name in the list of doctors focusing on men’s sexual health and renowned sexologist in Delhi. Dr. Chirag owns the male sexual health clinic- Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health. AT IASH, Dr. Chirag offers the best sexual treatments and counseling sessions to cure sex-related issues in men.

What are Sexual Problems in Men?

Male sexual problems can be anything that prevents you from attaining satisfying or pleasurable sexual intercourse. The primary cause can be physical, mental, or psychological, depending upon person to person.

Male Sexual Problems

Sexual problems can be categorized into four sections:

1. Desires:- If a man is getting into trouble in getting sexual desires or losing interest in sex, it comes under this category.

2. Arousal Disorders:- A man who is getting desires during intercourse but is unable to get excited or become physically aroused.

3. Orgasm Problems:- A man falls in this category when he is not able to achieve orgasm. 

4. Pain:- If a man is experiencing pain during intercourse or after it, then it falls in this category.

Sexual problems can be seen at any age or time, but after 40, you are more prone to get affected by them as sexual health is often related to declining aging.

Why do sexologists for treating male sexual problems?

When it comes to sexual problems and solutions, a sexologist is the only person you can rely on for its cure. Sexologists are trained doctors with extensive knowledge about sexual problems, their causes, and solutions. They know how to diagnose any sex-related issue and what treatments to offers.

So, when you face such an issue and have no clue about it, a sexologist will help you find what’s wrong with your sexual health.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari - best sexologist in delhi

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one of the top sexologists in Delhi who is an expert in treating all types of sexual problems in one go. Dr. Chirag has overall 8 years of experience in the field of male sexual health and wellness. He is an expert in treating sexual problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, low testosterone level, and many more.

Further, his various internships and international training also helped him gain exceptional skills and knowledge that he put forward to help men dealing with sexual problems.

Treatments Offered for Sexual Problems in Men.

Cause of sexual problems are multiple, so will their treatments. Medical science has become so advanced that there are various ways to treat a single sexual issue in India.

Sexual problems can occur due to both physical and psychological aspects. And here are the treatments through which you can treat sexual problems in men.

First of all, doctors perform various tests and practicals to determine the exact cause of the issue in a man. Counsellings and one-on-one sessions are also to choose the psychological aspect of sexual disorder.

After determining the issue and its origin, a sexologist meticulously designs a solution to that issue, keeping in mind his records, medical condition, and present health situation.

1. Medications 

Medicines are one of the best and painless ways to treat any sexual problem, depending upon the patient’s medical condition. Once your issues are diagnosed, doctors try to treat them using medicines at first.

There are multiple medicines and drugs in the market from which the doctors will prescribe you the one that suits you the most.

2. Behavioural Therapies 

When the cause of the sexual disorder is psychological, doctors provide special behavioral and couple therapy sessions. These sessions help a couple recover through their issues that might be the cause of lack of intimacy.

These sessions are also helpful to bring back the spark between a couple that somehow lost touch with each other with time.

3. Surgery

When no other thing works for sexual problems, the doctor tries to treat the issues using surgery. However, this option is only available when the cause of the sexual problems is physical. Depending upon the type of problem and its extent, they offer surgical treatments.


With time, people have understood the value of sexual well-being and its effects on a person’s overall health. With the help of proper guidance and support, anyone can treat their sexual problem quickly. So, if you are also suffering from sexual problems in men, now is the time to take a step forward.


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