Home Exclusive Set Digital Boundaries for Kids on upcoming Cyber Monday

Set Digital Boundaries for Kids on upcoming Cyber Monday

Set Digital Boundaries for Kids on upcoming Cyber Monday

Everyone is preparing for the upcoming weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get products, goods, costumes and every item they need for home on maximum discount price. The discount weekend is right around the corner and I would say it comes in as blessing for parents to set digital boundaries on kids’ and teens’ online activities to make sure the online safety. The modern young generation is desperate because they want to explore things above then their age and most of the time such activities lead them towards cyber dangers.

That’s why digital boundaries for children have become necessary over the last decade especially since smartphone technology has become widespread connected with cyberspace. Today, cellphones of children are working as pied piper against them and taking kids from real-life activities to the virtual world that is full of dangers.

How mobile phone technology is Pied piper for children?

Have you heard of the Hamelin Pied piper that had been taken all the kids of the town from their parents by using his magical musical pipe? In modern times, we have seen the technology that has become so much advanced and comes up with contemporary digital phones and tablets. Youth is obsessed with mobile technology, the internet, and social media. Everyone these days has access to mobile and tablet devices and children in particular. Initially, they force their parents to buy new smartphones and internet access.

 Parents, on the other hand, have to provide these devices to kids and teens because it is need of the hour and children have so many reasons to have digital devices. Additionally, peer pressure comes in and teens and kids start getting digital citizenship by creating multiple profiles on social media websites, apps and instant messengers.  Youngsters spend more than eight hours a day on the digital screen, on cellphones and tablets in particular.

The cellphone obsession & online dangers for children are real

Social media profiles empower teens to communicate online with strangers and stranger dangers are always there for children. They post videos, photos on their profiles without sitting the privacy willingly to get appreciation in terms of their looks and make fan following. This is the point where online people get started to chase them on social media and the presence of cyber predators is imminent. Teens and tweens get bullied online and receive unwanted sexually explicit messages, and videos and physical threats. Furthermore, young teens mostly got sexually groomed by the strangers and by the stalkers in particular. Teens also do inappropriate browsing activities and visit adult content and at the end of the day become obsessed with it. So, cell phone piped piper is leading teens towards adult or X –rated content, obsession with social media activities, social media dangerous trends, cyber predators and affect their health due to excessive use of mobile devices.

Pew Research Center Statistics: Teens cellphone Obsession

  • Almost 95% of teens in the U.S have access to smartphones and internet
  • 90% of the teens used to of using a cell phone for passing time
  • 45% of teens are constantly remaining online on their digital devices
  • 56% of the teens feel anxious or lonely when not using cell phones and internet
  • 72% of teens say they used to check messages and social media back and forth in an hour

How to set digital boundaries for kids on upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

As we all are well aware that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and the upcoming weekend provides you discounts on goods, costumes, and plenty of other products you need. Therefore, the cell phone spy app has decided the same particularly for the parents of young kids and teens to provide you the best discount offer that is closer to free to set digital boundaries for kids. Now get 50% to 90% off on cellphone tracking app on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


 Just get your hands on the parental monitoring app and get it to protect your children’s online safety to make sure they are safe from the online dangers, predators and inappropriate activities to the fullest.


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