Home Business Selecting Technology Consulting as a Profession like Ram Chary Everi

Selecting Technology Consulting as a Profession like Ram Chary Everi

Selecting Technology Consulting as a Profession like Ram Chary Everi

The need of every business for an advisor to keep the owners of the business up to date with the latest technological trends related to the business is what highlights the role of a technology consultant such as Ram Chary Everi. He was employed in infrastructure outsourcing and technology consulting at IBM Global Services. These consultants give them updates and suggest to them the ways and means of including the latest technological change in their business.

Owing to the increasing involvement of technology the demand for consultation is gradually accelerating. The growth of a business, the mitigation of risks, and the cutting of costs are some of the benefits of having a technology consultant. That is the reason every business owner is on the lookout for an able and experienced technology consultant.

Any technology consultant is hired for a purpose and therefore is expected to have state-of-the-art knowledge in security analysis, risk assessment, strategic planning, infrastructure planning for the finances, and customize software development as well. Seeing the lucrativeness of this profession a lot of individuals are considering this as an employment option and hence are in need to know how they can take it up as a full-time career option. To become an adept technology consultant such as Ram Chary Everi the following things ought to be done.

  1. Acquire a computer science or IT degree – knowing the subject can only happen when one studies it. And when one has to take it up as a profession one must have in-depth knowledge of the subject. This is why getting a degree in science is pertinent if one is aiming at becoming a technology consultant. Additionally, in case of being hired, the business owners prefer someone with a degree in the relevant field. Other than that because one needs to have an understanding of coding, data science, and the latest software studying the subject thoroughly and acquiring a degree in it is mandatory.
  2. Try hands-on training – when wanting to become a technology consultant one should either take up a job as an intern or get a small job before joining a big company. This helps the person get a first-hand experience of the work and that is what gives them leverage over other competitors. Though the salary may be less in an internship yet it does give one an edge in terms of the experience that is gathered. With this experience in hand, one should apply for IT jobs at an entry-level. Every employer prefers an experienced person with a qualification in the subject.
  3. Being well informed about the latest technology – It is in the best interest of the consultant to know about all the related technological advancements at the back of the hand, just like Ram Chary Everi. This increases the confidence of the employed as well as the employer. The client is convinced that the consultant is an expert in the field.

Having these three basic things in place will surely help one bag a job in technology consultancy.


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