Home Technology Revature Marks Some of the Fastest Growing Areas in Tech in 2023

Revature Marks Some of the Fastest Growing Areas in Tech in 2023

Revature Marks Some of the Fastest Growing Areas in Tech in 2023
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Both new tech graduates, as well as people shifting their career to the tech field, must reflect on the last year and think about the exciting opportunities the tech industry has in store for 2023. On the whole, 2022 was a pretty good year for tech. The gross output of this industry grew substantially the last year, indicating that the market for IT is only looking up. Hence, now is a good time for people to join companies like Revature and get trained in the most in-demand tech skills as the industry continues to grow and prosper in 2023 and beyond.

Revature sheds light on the best areas in the tech sector for seeking employment

Software development and engineering are likely to remain among the most rapidly growing and popular areas in the tech industry in the near future. This is a pretty broad field by itself, and comprises of professionals of varying levels and types, starting from entry-level programmers to artificial intelligence (AI) engineers. On the whole, software developers are responsible for writing programs executed on a computer. A large number of software developers go on to hone their skills in certain specializations like front-end development, mobile applications, user experience, virtual reality and so on.

Anyone interested in becoming a software engineer should first learn how to code through a company like Revature. This tech talent development company was established in 2008. They aim at creating a pathway for qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences to reach their potential as technology professionals. Learning how to code with popular programming languages like HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript can prove to be quite fruitful for anyone planning to build a career as a software engineer or developer. Once they have learned how to program, individuals may also choose to gain skills based on the specialization they want, no matter whether they desire to become a Front End Web Developer or a Cloud Developer.

Security is another rapidly growing area in the tech industry. As companies collect and handle an expansive amount of customer data today, they also deal with high risks of security breaches. Hackers have become more advanced than ever, and security breaches have become quite commonplace today. These breaches can significantly hamper the financial position and reputation of a company. Hence, companies across the world today are focusing on building robust cyber security teams, to mitigate the risk of a breach while still being able to collect and handle private customer data. Roles under the sphere of security in tech include DevOps Engineer, Security Engineer, Security Analyst, Security Architect and also Ethical Hackers.

Data is undoubtedly another rapidly growing area in the tech field. After all, as mentioned above, companies today are collecting and handling huge amount of data. Therefore, these companies also need capable professionals who can capture, filter, and analyze the data. The employment roles in this area range from data engineer to data analyst. The demand for all of these roles is growing up at a rapid pace.


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