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Restore the sports license model for sports


Technology like a train has an infinite number of cars that form a low passage that you can reach if you don’t want to get stuck in a dock. But we are already in the higher generation. Any change will lead to a change of attitude, but only when you finish will you have time to think about whether your business model is adapting to today’s times or want to reinvent yourself, not just to see that people love your business and give it their share. The game has been well-discussed in this debate, and the point is that television is the main source of income.

The game is still considered the gold standard for television products, and 스포츠중계 is home to this huge market, sports and event sponsors. Profit by offering better products. Club associations sell content centralized. Power depends on strength and advertisers believe that they can attract potential buyers in any market. This process is considered old for some time and infectious diseases have accelerated. “We now have more information on the use of digital food. I think it’s a price adjustment. Consumers are worried about how much they have to pay to watch the game. We’ve reached a milestone,” said Meting Beck, Media Rights. Head of Mediocre and one of our MSc students in football management and administration and in collaboration with FC Barcelona.

Customer choices are not limited to how content is viewed,

and should also preserve the content. According to a study published by Deloitte in the United States on digital media consumption, only 20% of video streaming customers said they quit last year.

“I think it’s a price adjustment.” It hurts consumers how much they have to pay to watch a game. We are ready. ”

The biggest concern in the field of sports is the behavior of young entrepreneurs.

“Generation Z has grown into a digital world, a world where content isn’t always paid for. So when it comes to getting free content, they think it’s amazing that you pay. Our goal is to create an expensive product that shows the price it will cost. How have the media and the sports force emerged in recent years?


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