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Reasons to Fall in Love with Physics

Reasons to Fall in Love with Physics

Are you searching for motivation to study Physics to crack your entrance examination? You are not alone. Many get stuck in Physics and feel that it is the hardest subject to crack. In such circumstances, a need to develop love and interest in the subject is important. Below, let us look at a few reasons to fall in love with physics.

Teaches You to Think

As silly as it may sound, it would be surprising to know that thinking is hard. Yes, it is. Humans are inclined to take the easy road and make assumptions based on emotions and beliefs, rather than making decisions based on the facts presented. It takes a lot of practice to train our brains to think critically.

Application of Mathematics

Physics is an excellent tool for mathematics. It puts all the numbers and symbols into real-world use, developing a visual and physical reality where these numbers can find a home that kids can more easily apprehend. To be able to quantify energies such as the kinetic energy, we need to make use of math.

Pushes Boundaries

A century back, Albert Einstein proposed the theory of relativity, and it turned out to fundamentally change the way we look at time and space. This theory answered so many questions but left a few unanswered, such as gravitational waves. Hundred years later, we finally have an answer! The whole point we are trying to make here is that physics challenges us to keep searching, hypothesizing and allowing us to push boundaries of what we think we know.

It is Challenging

Physics is one of the hardest subjects. Besides the whole critical thinking idea, physics also challenges us to use different areas of the brain. It is not just about plugging in numbers but also about finding the right equation to plug them into. One has to think about all the dimensions of the problem only to find the numbers, and then find the correct equation to plug them into. In a way, Physics is an incredible workout for the brain!

With a plethora of resources present online, it is easier than ever to educate yourself about various science concepts such as potential energy and acceleration. This way, you can also have a glimpse of how technology is changing the way students learn.


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