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Reasons to choose Direct Cremation

Reasons to choose Direct Cremation

Cremation reduces the body to bone fragments. The resulting fragments are pulverized into fine particles, often called ‘ash.’

Many people choose direct cremation as a final disposition and do so for various reasons. Cremation is becoming the modern norm for end-of-life plans in many countries worldwide.

So why choose cremation?

Some reasons to choose cremation

Some people prefer cremation for personal reasons as it is more attractive than a traditional burial. They find the idea of ​​a long and slow decomposition process very unpleasant, choosing the alternative of incineration since the remains are destroyed immediately.

Others see traditional burial as an unnecessary complication of their funeral process, preferring the simplicity of cremation.

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Direct cremation is cheaper:

Many choose cremation because it can be cheaper than traditional burial services, especially if direct cremationis chosen. The body is cremated as quickly as required by law. However, the total cost will vary depending on the service desired by the deceased and their relatives.

There are also mystical movements that recommend cremation for the soul’s liberation:

So that it can return to another generation in less time. However, this last statement varies according to its corresponding movement. Perhaps cremation is simply part of your beliefs. Know that using the Bios Urn without ashes is possible if your religion does not allow cremation.

The growing scarcity of space for cemeteries is another problem:

In the United States, the coffin is placed inside a concrete or concrete pit, decreasing space and becoming a serious problem. Many cemeteries, particularly in Japan and Europe, have begun to suffer from a lack of space, causing many people to choose cremation. Even in countries like London, where cemeteries are overcrowded, there is a lack of space. It is very common and easy for bodies to be exhumed after about three years to release the plots for others.

For many, cremation is preferable for environmental reasons:

Burial or burial is a source of certain environmental contaminants. The coffins themselves can also contaminate. Another source of contamination is the presence of radioisotopes found in the corpse due, among other things, to radiotherapy for cancer, the victim of which died.

And of course, cremation makes it possible to scatter the ashes over a certain area or plant them in a natural environment to grow into a tree which is very comforting for some families. Also, planting a tree has its environmental benefits. Imagine a world with forests instead of cemeteries!


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