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Quick Tips to Consider While Planning an Adventure Trip

Quick Tips to Consider While Planning an Adventure Trip

A survey with 1800 industry partners revealed a hike of 178% in adventure tourism in India between 2015 and 2018. It also showed a 42% rise in high altitude adventure tourism over the same time frame. This rise in adventure tourism has consequently necessitated the need for basic knowledge and tips that must never be overlooked while planning such a travel plan.

Adventure insurance policies come as the most important advice of all while planning such a tour. From being stranded to sudden medical requirements while on a trip, these adventure cover plans provide financial aid which monetarily protects the insured against any emergency. Necessarily, these policies are tailor-made to assist tourists against every crisis that might arise on an adventure tour.

Underneath, different tips and advice for adventure tourists are discussed in detail. All these pointers mentioned must be kept in mind right from the beginning of planning. Primarily, while adventure sports travel insurance policies provide coverage against unforeseen circumstances on the trip, these tips prepare the layout for a safe journey.

  • Research and plan

The planning of an adventure tour must begin with its research.  Adequate research ensures that a tourist has complete knowledge about the locale and what to expect. Furthermore, this helps in proper budget planning, as well. A crucial component of the preparation is availing policies like adventure sports insurance cover which provides financial assistance to tourists against different types of emergencies that might come up.

  • Reserve and book ahead

Most adventure tourism destinations are in remote locations in different corners of the country. Consequently, travel to these locations can typically be heavy on the pockets. Reservation of accommodation and booking ahead allows tourists to avail better rates. In case a customer gets stranded due to weather conditions, adventure cover plans offer monetary help to reserve new accommodations and book tickets.

  • Physical fitness

Travellers must be physically fit to overcome the rigours of adventure travel. Even road trips demand a certain amount of fitness to travel long distances via cars or bikes, primarily through challenging terrain. Consequently, tourists should go for a medical test before venturing out on their travels as well.

Nonetheless, medical emergencies might occur on such trips due to multiple reasons. Financial assistance can be attained through insurance policies such as Trek Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv. Such advances can be used to meet all medical expenses as well as emergency evacuation costs if required. You can also avail adventure racing insurance cover to fund any unforeseen situations during such trips.

  • Minimal luggage

Heavy luggage can be a significant hindrance during adventure travel plans, mainly if it includes treks and hikes. Resultantly, it is crucial that tourists only carry their essentials and carry as little luggage as possible. With risks of losing luggage on trek trails or during adventure camping, it is advisable to have policies like baggage insurance in place to prevent financial loss.

  • Having a backup plan

Considering that adventure trips include going off to mountain regions, and areas with adverse climatic conditions, hindrances often disrupt a vacation. Such obstacles include roadblocks, unforeseen hotel booking cancellations, medical emergencies, etc. Subsequently, it is ideally essential to keep a backup plan ready that is inclusive of but not restricted to financial backing in the form of insurances.

This call for the need to buy domestic travel insurance to safeguard individuals in case of sudden emergency expenditures financially.

Furthermore, these emergencies also include situations of car break down, lost wallet and documents. Under such circumstances, it is imperative to have road-trip cover insurance policies in place before starting a trip.

Along with the different tips above to make an adventure travel plan safe, customers should avail a relevant sports insurance plan as well as carry the necessary medicines and other items necessary to meet any unforeseen situations.  This includes medication for protection against fever, pain, stomach issues and other related physical ailments, torch, related adventure gear, etc.


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