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Private Cleaning It’s All About You And Your Home

Private Cleaning It’s All About You And Your Home

At Jacobsens Rengøring, our primary focus is on delivering an amazing job. The fact that you as a customer lock us into your girlfriend’s property, your home or the workplace, makes a wide range of demands. We have therefore chosen to arrange all our processes and workflows so that they meet the concerns and needs that you as a private customer have. You can read what this actually means in the text sections below.

Danish-speaking cleaning staff

Communication with your cleaning staff is more important than you might immediately think. Being able to give our staff a message, and then actually be sure that the message is understood, is invaluable in the long run. If you have children, you will probably also appreciate that they can talk to our staff if they should come home from school, friends or leisure activities ahead of time. To meet these needs, we have chosen to use exclusively Danish-speaking staff for private cleaning. Our staff usually speaks Danish at the mother tongue level, which is your guarantee for smooth communication with the staff.

However, we have chosen to go further than this, and therefore make sure that we send the same cleaning assistant home to you time and time again. This means that you know who is staying in your home, so that you can have peace of mind, even if you are not at home during the cleaning itself.

We take good care of your home

Another thing that characterizes private cleaning from Jacobsens Rengøring is the safety measures that we take on an ongoing basis. As a whole basic thing, of course, we make sure to check our cleaning assistants’ criminal records. Next, we are well insured in case an accident should happen – something that is not always a matter of course in our industry. Of course, we do everything we can to prevent and avoid accidents, but since we are only human, it is impossible to guard ourselves 100% against accidental accidents. Our insurance therefore covers both our employees, but also the private cleaning that we do at your home.

When you hand over your key to us, you can also be sure that we take good care of it. We first and foremost acknowledge receipt of your key, so we have the legal in place from the start. In addition, your key is stored in a locked key cabinet in our office, where only selected employees have access. Last but not least, we operate with numbered keys without an address, so that you cannot see where your key fits without looking in our closed IT system.

However, private rengøringshjælp is more than criminal records, insurance and keys – for us it is also common sense. Therefore, our cleaning assistants work from the idea that they should treat your home as if it were your own. Therefore, expect us to turn off the light after us, not let the water run unnecessarily, and generally does treat your home as you yourself would have done.

360 degree private cleaning

Many of our subscription customers would rather not have to clean at all. That is why we usually work on the basis of a cleaning plan, which ensures that your entire home is kept clean on an ongoing basis. The fact that we draw up a cleaning plan does not mean that we review your home meticulously every time we are out with you. On the other hand, this means that we not only take the daily “everyday cleaning”, but also the more in-depth cleaning of, for example, refrigerators and kitchen cabinets, at regular intervals. A full cleaning plan therefore means that you only need to clean if you accidentally spill something – we take care of everything else.

In addition to private cleaning, we can also offer you cleaning of your windows, which are done by our experienced window cleaners. If you are a regular customer with us, the cost of window cleaning will simply be charged to your monthly invoice – it will hardly be easier!



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