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Presentation Of Commentators

Presentation Of Commentators

Commentators are service personnel, but this is an element that “works” for the atmosphere, significance, value, therefore: they (minimum two, maximum three), experts, respected, or interesting as individuals. They introduce themselves to the camera. (In Korean, the commentator is usually “distracted noise” off-camera.)

Cameras and advertisements in the hall, at the stadium should be located “communicatively” (in Koreann broadcasts, usually “sponsored” places are highlighted, cropped, or not filmed at all).

On the information board for the viewer

in addition to the name of the organization under the auspices of which the CC takes place, a mention of the significance of the match or simply its status should be left: “Match for the title of World Champion”, “Third game of the final series (score in series 2-2)”, “Play for 3 points, possibly 7 home winning game”.

Change of plans during the broadcast depends on the dynamics and rhythm of the match, as well as how often plans changed before the “moment” and how.

Repetitions are given with a change of speed, “close-up time”, with a mandatory change of plan, in which it is possible to focus on the necessary detail.

The repetition of “controversial”, “decisive” and “acute” moments is given (except for diverse variations with a changed speed) with an associated montage: here is the moment – here is the reaction of the audience (player, partners, opponents, owners, judges, support group, player’s friends, relatives , his opponents, his personal fans, commentators, special and big guests, mascot, commentators).

It is worth shooting a support group “at work”

Close-ups, change of plans, emotions, a smile, slow motion. This is a mini clip, which, provided that the number is known and calculated, can be edited with game moments (definitely in the broadcast in the recording). There may also be a video about a support group, if it is famous for something, the video should be presented in the exposition or, according to the meaning, during the 해외스포츠중계 (if possible, however, this is very conditional).

During the broadcast, you should insert an announcement of significant and emotionally significant events (any, but better related to the interests of the target audience of the SS), which can arouse interest or emotions – this is also an associative montage. And there are two options: either transferring the emotional background from the announcement to the event or from the event to the announcement.



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