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8 Potential Premature Ejaculation Reasons You Should Know About

8 Potential Premature Ejaculation Reasons You Should Know About

Premature Ejaculation is one of the most common problems that a men face in his sexual life. During sexual intercourse, when a man ejaculates early, then it usually happens is called Premature Ejaculation. This leads to dissatisfaction for both the partners and is the prominent premature ejaculation reason for the tension in the relationship. However, some men face this problem very often, which is not a significant concern because it can sometimes happen because of stress. But if in case you are facing premature Ejaculation very frequently, you must visit to the doctor for medications.

But before the diagnosis, the most important thing is to know the reason behind the problem. Although there is not just a single cause, several things can cause Premature Ejaculation, so, here, we will first discuss the possible premature ejaculation reasons. Once we are aware of the reasons, we can opt for Medicine for Premature Ejaculation. So, let us begin with the reasons for premature Ejaculation,

Erectile Dysfunctions

In most cases, erectile dysfunction is the cause behind premature Ejaculation. The men who fear offer maintaining the erection for a longer duration tend to be in a hurry to ejaculate. And with the regular commencement of this activity, it forms a complicated pattern to get rid of. Erectile dysfunction leads to premature Ejaculation and developed stress and fear inside the men, due to which they lose their sexual performance.


The word might not sound fair enough for premature Ejaculation, but it is the major one. This is because the emotional disbalance in any phase of your life directly affects your sexual performance. Men can never perform well in sexual intercourse with any stress, which will further increase complications.

Relationship Problems

The kind of relationship you possess with your partner also derives from how good you will be during the intercourse. If you have acquired premature Ejaculation, that means if you were not facing the problem with any previous partner, this indicates the relationship problems. This means any kind of personal clash or tension between you and your partner might be the cause of Premature Ejaculation.

Bad Masturbation habit

In many cases, men who generally have a terrible masturbation habit face the premature ejaculation problem if they are very unregular or frequently engaged in masturbation, which might lead to a situation where you cannot control your Ejaculation to stay longer.

Nervousness or low confidence

It is one of the emotional or psychological causes of premature Ejaculation. When a man is nervous or loses confidence, he tends to lose control over his Ejaculation and ejaculates early. It can be caused because of fear or introverted nature as well.

Biological Causes

Biological causes such as abnormal levels of hormones in the body or even the low level of the brain chemicals are the premature ejaculation reasons. Other physical factors that contribute are inheritance and the infection of the urethra. These causes highly require doctor consultation.

Anxiety or Depression

In today’s time, the common cause for Premature Ejaculation is depression and anxiety. No matter what is the anxiety about, whether about sexual performance or workload. The stress can be because of erectile dysfunction or the ad sexual performance, or anything. And if not diagnosed timely can create a continuous pattern.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

The modern unhealthy lifestyle contributes a lot to Premature Ejaculation. For a person to stay sexually fit needs enough number of respective hormones. The amount or level of these hormones can decline because of alcohol addiction or regular smoking. Bad sleeping habits or incomplete sleep cycles, and unhealthy foods can also contribute to this problem.

Why should the reasons for Premature Ejaculation be Known?

To know about the medicines of any disease or problem, you should know about the problem first. Even sometimes, the cure comes from the cause of the problem itself. In the case of premature Ejaculation, the cause has to be known so that you can take the respective medicines. The following reason will indicate the practice of the things you need to prohibit to get cured.

For example, suppose you are facing the problem of premature Ejaculation because of stress. But if you do not identify the reason and start taking medicines and not stopping the stress. The result in such a situation will be null. So, first of all, find out the cause of premature Ejaculation or failure to delay the Ejaculation. And if in the case you are unable to figure it out, you can talk to a doctor without hesitations.

Whether to take medicine with a doctor’s prescription or without?

Once you have found out the reason, the next step is about which medicine to take and which not. The next question that hits is whether to consult the doctor or not. So, the first preference will always be to consult a doctor. But generally, people do not consult a doctor for medicines that do not require a prescription. So, let us see what to do in such cases.

In most biological causes, the patient’s ID needs to consult the doctor for the prescription and appropriate medications. Also, if the man is suffering from any allergies or such things, consulting a doctor is a must. But in the case the reason is stress, anxiety, unhealthy behaviours, you can go without the consultation if the prescription is not necessary.

Hence, sexual problems are not the things you should be ashamed of because these are just minor problems with numerous solutions. Premature Ejaculation can be for the long term or can be acquired, but remember, both can be cured. It has numerous medications depending upon the cause of Premature Ejaculation. Once you are aware of the premature ejaculation reasons, you can get numerous methods to cure it. However, the best one can be taking the practical and safest medicines as provided by the Ohman with doctors’ consultation.

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