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Popular Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Popular Small Kitchen Island Ideas

All modern kitchens feature kitchen islands. It is an essential part of the modular kitchen design. Adding a kitchen island will make the space functional and aesthetically appealing. However, not everyone can install a kitchen island in the modular kitchen due to the lack of space. This does not mean you cannot have a kitchen island. A small and compact temporary kitchen island can be used in your modular kitchen. Depending on your preferences, you can move the kitchen island out of the kitchen when required and keep it inside the rest of the time. It will allow you to make use of space more efficiently and create a more functional modular kitchen design. If you are not sure about how to create a great small kitchen island for your modular kitchen, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 05 A restaurant-like kitchen island

Do you want to give your small modular kitchen design a more professional look? You can opt for an industrial, commercial stainless work table. It will give you the feeling of being a professional chef while cooking. Cooking enthusiasts often love this idea. Moreover, these islands have a compact and sleek look. Hence, they do not appear too big for the modular kitchen design. Since the material is lightweight, you will be able to move it out of the kitchen as well when required. Its durability and sturdiness will make it a great choice for various purposes. People also prefer this option because it is economical. Carefully choose a size that will fit into your kitchen. Also, look for an option that features various storage solutions like hooks, shelves, etc.

02 of 05 A butcher block kitchen island

You can give your modular kitchen interiors an elegant look by choosing a butcher block kitchen island. Its warm tone makes the kitchen appear more inviting. Also, it adds a luxurious vibe to your kitchen design. However, its look is not the only benefit. Butcher blocks are preferred because of their functionality. You will be able to use the surface for various cutting and chopping activities without worrying about the countertop getting damaged. The space is perfect for serving snacks as well.

03 of 05 A repurposed furniture kitchen island

When you are looking for a temporary kitchen island, it is not essential that you will have to invest in a new furniture piece. You can easily create a great modular kitchen design by repurposing an old furniture piece. Look for an old table lying around in the house. However, avoid choosing any table randomly. The height of the table is a crucial factor as well. Look for options that are as tall as your countertops in the modular kitchen. It will make using the kitchen island easier. Also, stick to narrow tables only so that it does not occupy too much space in your kitchen. For instance, a 30 inch sofa table will make an amazing kitchen island. Since these furniture pieces are narrow, they are perfect for small modular kitchens. Just give the table a new coat of paint before introducing it to the kitchen. Another option you can use as a kitchen island is an old cabinet.

04 of 05 A drop leaf kitchen island

There are many smart solutions you can choose for your modular kitchen island if you do not have sufficient free space. One technique experts popularly use is the drop leaf kitchen island. A drop-leaf kitchen island is basically a kitchen island where a section of the countertop can be dropped down when not needed. This helps in creating space in the kitchen when required. You can do it by placing two stools in the drop-down section to make it an eating space. When you serve snacks in the kitchen, the drop-leaf island can stay up. At other times, you can keep it down and ensure there is more space for the smooth flow of traffic.

In case you cannot accommodate a kitchen island, you can install a drop leaf at the end of a kitchen cabinet or kitchen wall. This will allow you to create extra counter space in your modular kitchen that can be used for multiple purposes, from serving snacks to performing prep work.

05 of 05 A storable kitchen island

A kitchen island makes your kitchen interiors more functional and appealing. This makes the kitchen island an important part of your kitchen. However, it is not possible for a few people to always have a kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. For those people, the storable kitchen island is a great idea. As the name suggests, you can store this kitchen island in your kitchen. The dimensions of the kitchen island are selected as per an opening in your kitchen where it can seamlessly fit. Whenever you will not require the island, you can just move the island to the opening and make the middle of the kitchen free.


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