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Poker Rules For Beginners

Poker Rules For Beginners

Poker is a very simple and exciting game, the rules of which even a novice player can master in just a few minutes. Below we have prepared for you the key points in the rules of Texas Hold’em, which will allow even complete “dummies” to start playing poker today.

Texas Hold’em is the simplest and most popular form of poker today. In fact, this is classic poker, where each poker player starts the game with two closed (“pocket”) cards – this is one of the basic rules of poker. This is followed by four rounds of betting, during which five open community cards are dealt, forming a “board”, and bets are placed.

The community cards can be used by any player along with their “hole” cards in order to collect the best combination of five poker cards. In this case, closed cards can be used completely, partially or not used at all.

According to the rules of poker, the best five-card combination wins, which can consist of both five community cards and two closed cards in the hands of each player.

Poker rules on video

For your convenience and a better understanding of the rules of poker, as well as a visual analysis of the small nuances of the game, we recommend that you start learning by watching a short video, which is designed just for beginners and will allow you to quickly learn the basics of playing poker.

After watching, you can consolidate individual points by studying the detailed rules of poker on this page below.

Full table rules

Every poker hand begins with mandatory bets. Before the cards are dealt, two players (sitting to the left of the button) put mandatory bets – the small and big blinds. The small blind is half the size of the big blind.

These stakes are needed so that the participants in the distribution have something to fight for. In a cash game, the size of the blinds is determined by the limit with which the game is played at a given table. Traditionally, the table limit is referred to as 100 big blinds, i.e. at the NL10 ($10 No Limit) table, the blinds will be $0.05 and $0.10. Because of the blinds, there is always money in the pot.

After that, each player is dealt two cards face down, from that moment the game begins. In regular 홀덤총판, as in most other types of online poker, the player has the opportunity to do several different actions. The full list of actions available to players in various situations is as follows:

  • A FOLD is a refusal to continue fighting for the pot in response to a bet (bet) or raise (raise) from an opponent. In this case, the player discards his cards and they go into the discard pile. The player who folded is no longer eligible for this hand.
  • CHECK – if no one has bet before in the current round, the player can check. In fact, this is a pass, and transfers it to the next active player, who is sitting on the left. Checking does not mean giving up the fight for the pot; it is only giving up the opportunity to bet in the current round.
  • BET – if there are no bets in the current round, the player can make a bet (bet). In this case, he sets the price for the continuation of the game. The players sitting behind him decide what to do: throw away the cards (fold), call the bet (call) or raise again (raise). The minimum stake in the game is the big blind.
  • CALL – if a bet was made in the current round, the player can call it by calling and adding the same number of chips to the pot equal to the bet or raise of the last player.
  • RISING – if a bet is made in the current round of betting, the player can raise it by making a raise. To do this, he must make a bet that will exceed the bet of the last player. To qualify for this pot, all other players must either call or Reraises. Otherwise, they have only one option left – this is to discard their cards that are, fold. There is no limit to the size and number of raises in No Limit Hold’em.

These are the basic rules of poker. Next, we will talk in detail about the 4 stages of betting and how the winner in the hand is determined.



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