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Platform and channel for watching football on TV

Platform and channel for watching football on TV

At Orange and Movistar, all the football channel channels have not changed in the past, although we remind you how to watch the game online or on TV if you subscribe to the group of the following operators:

Vamps: broadcasts two Smart Bank games per day (i.e. the second 스포츠중계), as well as many other Movistar games.

Moister Allegan: Divided into channels to check out Allege Santander and Lilia Smart Bank (formerly First and Second Minutes) daily, including weekend and second weekend broadcasts of Gel and Ramos (late announcement) .

Nia Lira de Campin:

This is a channel package where you can watch the League Cup in the Europa League, as well as matches of the European Serie A (Italy) and Bundesliga (Germany).

On the other hand, as we have already mentioned, you can watch some football games on DAZN (9.99 euros per month, increase to 12.99 euros on March 17) and Footer (9.99 euros) without any connection to the user. .

Is it possible to watch free football?

With the exception of games spread in urban areas (Golf, Katron, Telekinco and Teledeport), it is not possible to watch free football at this time. As you can see, to be interested in all the games in La Liga and the Premier League, you have to agree that the price of Movistar and Orange (which, despite the money in the first few months, will not be completely free).

So, in addition to the promotional channel that every employee offers, if you want to watch free football on your TV, it will end with advertising:

Gal: It is a DTT channel (with free and open ball) that broadcasts some La Liga matches on a daily basis.

Supervisor at Telecinco:

Mediated has acquired the expansion of this part of the Copan del Rey this season (and the next two) so that its 15 games can be viewed in public. In addition, Mediaset will be broadcasting daily Spanish team matches in the UEFA Europa League.


Transfer games from contests like the Arnold Clark Cup or the Cope de la Reina. Our monthly rankings are based on the gift of football TV on the Kleist computer as well as on the doorstep of employees from March 1, 2022. The employee must pay the price paid for this. Therefore, we calculate the additional value or increase the value after the upgrade has stopped.

This review takes into account the company’s plans for homes that want to watch football online on television, but employees charge different fees for pubs and businesses.


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