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Planning for Thanksgiving: 5 Tips Will Help You For Preparations

Planning for Thanksgiving: 5 Tips Will Help You For Preparations

Making a Thanksgiving feast and organizing the day ahead of time is the best way to celebrate the holiday with your family!

I’ve been cooking Christmas feasts for many years. Many years have gone by, and numerous trips have been taken.

Our very first-holiday dinner was a Thanksgiving feast for two, served on top of a cardboard box “table” with a bath towel as a tablecloth. We used a disposable foil pan to roast the turkey, a single saucepan to boil the potatoes, and a plastic popcorn dish to serve the salad. We were pleased despite the terrible sight.

On Thanksgiving Day be Ready to Serve

Just to be clear, you’ll be working for the majority of the day while the rest of the family enjoys themselves. If you go into the day intending to work hard and be glad for the chance to shower your family with love and lots of food, you’ll be less likely to fall into a pool of grief and self-pity.

Prepare Snacks and Other Meals for a Day

Kids will want to eat something for breakfast or lunch even if they are having a feast two hours later. As the grownups struggle to sit down without touching a button, they’ll have the audacity to request an evening meal. Stock up on nuts, chips, raw veggies, cheese and crackers, and sandwich fixings for easy snacking throughout the day and evening.

Experimenting With New Recipes Isn’t a Good Idea

It’s tempting to show off your culinary expertise by creating some elaborate new dishes, but resist. Please, resist. Create a Thanksgiving menu list with the foods you will serve on tables rather than experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

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Plan a Week Ahead

Prepare the veggies, bake the bread, and make the pies the day before the feast. Make a menu list that includes all of the required shopping products as well as other food items so you don’t forget anything.


After all, your family and friends will remember the time you spent together the most, so don’t worry if something goes wrong.


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