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Particular Rules

Particular Rules

Offers a single type of betting: fixed-odds betting, and reserves the right to add or revise the types of betting based on the evolution of market demand. Counterpart bets are those in which the client bets against an authorized company, in this case,

In offset bets, the prize per unit bet will be obtained by multiplying the amount wagered by the multiplier previously validated.

Reserves the right to reject all or part of a bet that contravenes

What is established in these particular rules Any modification of these Particular Rules will be announced in the domain: codere.es and will be communicated to the National Gaming Commission.

These Specific Rules, as well as the specific conditions applicable to each sport or event and also included here, establish the terms under which bets are accepted on the codere.es domain. It is the client’s responsibility to know and accept these conditions when placing a bet. When the customer bets with is risking an amount of money on the results of a previously determined event, with an uncertain outcome and unknown to the parties 꽁머니 in it.

The customer decides the amount to bet within predetermined

Limits and establishes the events on which you can bet. Forecasts have predetermined multipliers, based on the odds of the outcome of said forecast occurring, which are automatically applied to the bet. Once the bet has been accepted by in accordance with these conditions and if the result predicted by the bettor occurs, the bet is a winner and the customer receives an amount equal to the product of the amount bet by the multiplier applied at the time the bet was made. If the bet is not a winner and the predicted result does not occur, the customer does not receive any refund.

Example: the client bets 5 euros on the victory of a team whose multiplier is 1.50. If the team is the winner, the customer will receive a prize of 5 x 1.50 = 7.50 euros (multiplier x amount bet).

The minimum amount for simple bets is 1 euro and for combined or multiple bets it is 0.20 euros.

The Particular Rules included here guarantee the client a safe operation that scrupulously respects what is established by law. For any clarification or query, the customer can contact our Customer Service Department by email or by post.



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